Jade Cargill recently provided insights into her training progress at the WWE Performance Center during an interview. Despite only having wrestled once in WWE at the Royal Rumble, where she made a notable impact as one of the final three women in the match, Cargill’s journey in WWE has been marked by her dedication to mastering the nuances of the industry.

In her discussion with Denise Salcedo, Cargill highlighted the adjustments she’s had to make when transitioning from her previous experience in AEW to WWE. She emphasized learning the subtle differences in moves, aprons, and ropes, acknowledging the importance of adapting to WWE’s unique environment while staying true to herself.

Cargill expressed gratitude for the supportive coaching staff at the Performance Center, noting their encouragement for her to embrace her authenticity and refine her skills. She emphasized that the coaches have been instrumental in her development, offering constructive feedback and guidance to help her excel in WWE.

“It’s been great. I had to learn the differences and moves that I can do and can’t do, the small difference in the aprons, difference in the ropes, and things of that sort. [It] wasn’t that much of a change. Right now, I’m just working on redefining who I am. They don’t want to change anything about me they believe if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. They want me to be the best that I can be, so they want me to be myself.


“What you see, what I’m doing with these promos, everything I’m doing, it’s me. It’s literally just me and they want me to just be me and go out there. The coaches are so amazing. They want to see me do well. They want to see me excel. They’ll pull me to the side if they see something that is something I need to work on and critique. no issues at all.”

With her commitment to self-improvement and the unwavering support of the coaching staff, Jade Cargill is poised to make a significant impact in WWE as she continues to hone her craft and showcase her unique talents to the wrestling world.

What are your thoughts on Jade Cargill’s approach to transitioning from AEW to WWE and her dedication to mastering the nuances of the wrestling industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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