ECW’s first-ever pay-per-view event is no longer on Peacock’s WWE section on the popular streaming platform.

The sudden disappearance of ECW Barely Legal from Peacock’s WWE section has left fans puzzled and speculating about the reasons behind its removal. As the first-ever ECW PPV event, its absence raises eyebrows and questions about whether this was a deliberate move or simply a technical glitch.

ECW Barely Legal has been a cornerstone of wrestling history since its debut, making its absence from the streaming platform even more conspicuous. Many fans have been left wondering if this development signals a forthcoming release of the original PPV version.

It’s worth noting that the version previously available on the WWE Network was reportedly an edited iteration sourced from an old WWE DVD release.


The uncertainty surrounding the disappearance of ECW Barely Legal has sparked discussions among wrestling fans online. Whether this marks a significant update to the streaming catalog or is merely a temporary setback remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the absence of such a seminal event from ECW’s history has certainly captured the attention of fans worldwide.

Stay tuned to Ringside News for additional information on the removal of this event from Peacock as it becomes available.

UPDATE: Shortly after we published this article, the event was added back on Peacock but cannot be found through search.

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