Recent reports have sparked misconceptions regarding the partnership between AEW and CMLL. Contrary to rumors, AEW sources have refuted claims that their agreement with CMLL includes restrictions on the appearance of Mexican wrestlers from other promotions on AEW television.

Specifically, reports via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggested that as part of the deal, no other Mexican wrestlers, regardless of their affiliation with AAA or past involvement, could appear on any television show where CMLL talent is featured. However, AEW sources have dismissed this notion as false via Fightful Select, citing instances where Mexican wrestlers, such as Komander, have appeared on AEW Dynamite alongside CMLL representatives.

Additionally, it was revealed that Penta was scheduled to make an appearance on AEW programming but encountered travel issues, further underscoring the openness of AEW to feature talent from various Mexican promotions.

However, it is worth noting that CMLL talent is reportedly not intended to be booked in angles or matches involving AAA talent.


In light of these clarifications, it’s apparent that while there may be certain parameters in place regarding the interactions between CMLL and AAA talent within AEW programming, the notion that AEW restricts the appearance of all other Mexican wrestlers alongside CMLL talent is unfounded.

How do you think the clarification regarding AEW’s partnership with CMLL might impact the perception of AEW’s relationship with Mexican wrestling promotions? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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