Velveteen Dream experienced one of the biggest falls from grace in the history of WWE due to allegations that led to the hashtag #FireVelveteenDream trending whenever he appeared on television. It’s been a while since he even wrestled in a match, but he has kept himself busy elsewhere. In fact, Dream recently spoke on preserving the rural character of Stevensburg.

The storm of allegations resulted in his release from WWE in 2021, concluding a chapter marked by negative headlines. Despite the challenges, Velveteen Dream is considering turning the page and embarking on a new chapter in his wrestling journey and perhaps just life in general.

According to Star Exponent, originally from Washington D.C., Patrick Clark has been visiting Culpeper for years to spend time with family and is attracted to its rural charm. Currently residing in the county for the past three months, he is introduced as the cousin of previous speaker Don Haight, a Stevensburg farmer advocating for local farmer programs and preserving the county’s rural character.

Clark urged the board to consider the collective wishes of the county’s residents and hinted at potential harm from the implementation of large-scale solar power. Expressing concern about technological and political gentrification, he warned against allowing external influences to compromise Culpeper’s unique character.


“I’m afraid that there is a technological and a political gentrification that may occur if we allow outside forces to corrupt Culpeper,” he stated. “Culpeper has this sweet nature to it, sweet as black garlic if you will. It’s got this nature that I’m afraid is going to be corrupted if you all let personal interest affect the decisions that affect the citizens of Culpeper.”

Clark emphasized the importance of avoiding personal interests that could impact decisions affecting the citizens of Culpeper, comparing the area’s nature to the sweetness of black garlic. Additionally, he highlighted the board’s resident support and shared his personal experience of losing support in a similar situation, emphasizing the significance of maintaining community trust.

“I lost my job because I took for granted the support that was given to me by the people who paid good money to see me perform.”

Velveteen Dream also revealed why he didn’t address his allegations in his apology video. He also denied having conversations with minors. It remains to be seen if he will end up returning to pro wrestling for good.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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