Velveteen Dream faced a whirlwind of controversy, including allegations that sent the hashtag #FireVelveteenDream trending whenever he appeared on television. He then issued a public apology earlier this month but has now revealed why he didn’t address the allegations in his apology video.

The storm of allegations led to Velveteen Dream’s release from WWE in 2021, marking a chapter filled with negative headlines. Despite the challenges, he is contemplating turning the page and starting a new chapter in his wrestling journey and personal life.

Velveteen Dream began 2024 by dropping an apology video, where he issued an apology following multiple scandals. However, he failed to address all the allegations meted out against him.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Velveteen Dream was asked the reason why he didn’t mention any of his allegations in the apology video. He mentioned that he thought common sense would address most of it, but acknowledged that common sense is not always common. The two harsh allegations involved inappropriate communications with minors, and he clarified that he meant anyone not of legal age, assuming 18 years or younger.


One I thought, common sense would address most of it, but as a lot of us know out there, common sense is not so common. The allegations levied against me, two very harsh ones involved inappropriate communications with minors. So we don’t narrow this thing down, as anyone who is not of legal age, I’ll assume 18 years or younger, who’s not considered a legal adult, and you’re having inappropriate communications with them, and that’s either to solicit something from them or you just don’t have positive thoughts. Those, you know, the person trying to do those things, they’re not pure of heart.”

Dream expressed the seriousness of the accusations, particularly being labeled as a groomer, pedophile, or nonce, and described these titles as hurtful and damaging. He emphasized that he did not earn those labels, stating that he does not have a history of malicious acts toward anyone. He pointed out that a history involves repeated behavior, and he has never had such a history, highlighting that he has been around his co-workers’ children without issue.

Yeah, a groomer. That wasn’t all I was called. I was called a paedophile, a pedo, nonce, very hurtful and damaging titles to give a person. I didn’t earn that. I don’t have a history of malicious acts towards anyone. I never have, everyone’s got a past and they got lessons they learn from and grow through, not everyone has a history. A history is repeated behavior, repeated offences over and over and over again. I’ve never ever had a history. I’ve been around my co-worker’s children.’

Velveteen Dream also revealed why it took him three years to make an apology video after his allegations. Nonetheless, only time will tell if Velveteen will make his way back to pro wrestling.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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