Nic Nemeth was released from WWE back in September and he waited until 2024 to make his move. He made headlines after making his TNA debut at Hard to Kill and he revealed the push he got from many in order to explore his opportunities in TNA.

Following Moose’s TNA World Title win at TNA Hard to Kill, Nic Nemeth made surprise appearance, attacking Moose from behind. It was made perfectly clear that the Showoff was eyeing gold.

While speaking on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Nic Nemeth talked about why he chose TNA. Nemeth cited the positive feedback about the locker room. Nemeth mentioned that people emphasized it as a great place where he could make a significant impact and help others.

The former WWE Superstar highlighted the encouragement he received to be a focal point and bring attention to the show. Nemeth also noted that he wants to help the young generation of talent as well.


“When people are going out of their way to text me or call me and, say, listen, this is the place where you can help a bunch of people here all while being the person with a lot of focus on them, and you can bring some eyes to this show and there’s all these different little pieces.”

Man, I can still help. I can still teach, but I have 20 more years to go. Can I grow here and become even bigger than everything I’ve amassed in my past? I know this seems like the play. I like Japan. I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know if I can exist. I don’t know if I can be good enough to hold up there. I can go to these two places. New Japan and TNA are the two on my radar right now that I think can do something special, and I can be a part of and [help] grow it to an even bigger audience/”

Nic Nemeth is already keeping himself busy thanks to his upcoming dates in New Japan Pro Wrestling as well. Only time will tell whether he will become a champion in either TNA or NJPW.

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