Jordynne Grace has solidified her position as one of the most beloved female pro wrestlers globally. Speculations hinted at her debut in the Royal Rumble, which turned out to be true as she debuted at the event. Now, fans have been given a proper behind-the-scenes video regarding her WWE Royal Rumble debut.

The Royal Rumble Premium Live Event commenced with the highly anticipated Women’s Royal Rumble match, delivering on the excitement. As expected, Jordynne Grace made her WWE debut as the 5th entrant.

In the Women’s Royal Rumble match, Jordynne Grace reignited her recent TNA rivalry with Naomi, showcasing a strong performance. However, she was ultimately eliminated by Bianca Belair. It’s worth noting that Jordynne Grace is still under contract with TNA, indicating that her involvement was likely a one-time arrangement.

TNA Wrestling took to their YouTube Channel and uploaded a behind-the-scenes video when it came to her Royal Rumble debut. Grace’s mother expressed her shock and surprise at the opportunity that had arisen.


‘I know this has been her dream since she was nine years old. It was very important for me to be here today. My husband and her stepbrother came.”

The booking was finalized so close to the day of the show that Jordynne Grace couldn’t get new gear made. Despite this, she represented TNA through her existing ring gear.

“When this was told to me and it started to get set into motion, I was scared. Like, it wasn’t butterflies, it was more terror because this is huge for me personally and I feel like it’s such a big thing to be presenting TNA.

“I’m the only person who is going to be there representing TNA in front of 50,000 people live, millions of people worldwide, so I was scared.

“Today, fortunately, I feel very confident because I know all you can do is prepare and I feel very prepared to represent TNA.”

As part of her preparation, Jordynne Grace brought a bag of chicken, anticipating WWE catering’s tempting cookies and cakes, which she aimed to avoid. Her mother hoped she would “soak it all in,” confident that nerves wouldn’t be an issue.

Grace echoed this sentiment, expressing her intention to savor the moment, recognizing it might be a one-time experience. She also mentioned that Gail Kim had contacted her about the significance of the “white belt” appearing in WWE.

Despite the moment’s significance, Grace revealed that many people were unaware of her scheduled appearance in the WWE Royal Rumble. Nonetheless, it was truly a life-changing experience for Grace and that’s all that matters.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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