Smackdown’s upcoming agreement with the USA Network, slated to begin next year, marks one of the most significant deals in the show’s history.

After a five-year hiatus from the USA Network, the show is set to return in October 2024, having previously moved to Fox in 2009. The move will be part of a $1.4 billion deal over five years and will see WWE produce four prime-time specials per year on NBC. 

WWE recently signed $5 billion deal with Netflix to bring Monday Night Raw to the platform, signaling the streaming platform’s first foray into live wrestling. This ends the show’s 31-year run on network television, moving the show to Netflix in January in the United States, while the rest of the WWE’s TV shows, including Smackdown, NXT and PLE’s, will be shown on the platform internationally.

However, the move brought into question what days these shows move to with the move, with Raw and Smackdown’s futures up in the air. Dave Meltzer revealed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Smackdown will remain on Friday Nights on the USA Network when Raw’s deal with Netflix kicks in.


WWE officials told us that while the days of the week are not locked in, that they are working right now with the idea of Smackdown remaining on Friday on USA.

WWE President Nick Khan revealed that Raw could change broadcast days when it moves to Netflix, although Smackdown seems to be keeping its slot on Friday Nights.

What do you think about the new WWE/Netflix move? Do you think Raw will move nights when they make the move to streaming in 2025? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Hamish Woodward

Hamish is a freelance writer and avid pro wrestling enthusiast. His passion for the squared circle was sparked by witnessing Rey Mysterio's chair attack from Chavo Guerrero. He keeps up with the latest wrestling news and passionately supports Orange Cassidy's quest for the AEW Championship.

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