CM Punk made headlines when he returned towards the conclusion of Survivor Series: WarGames. Nobody could believe it and it was sort of like the prodigal son returning back home.

Punk’s return broke the internet with several clips going viral particularly the candid reactions of the participants in the WarGames match, especially Seth Rollins. Even after almost two months, it’s hard to believe that the Straight Edge Superstar is back in the company.

During a recent interview with TNT Sports, Jey Uso reflected on that fateful night when CM Punk made his return stating that everybody in the ring broke character once Punk’s music hit.

“No, it was a surprise. You could tell all of us, as soon as the music hit, we all stopped being in character. We’re off standing in the middle of the ring talking, like, what’s going on here? I think there’s a clip of me and Randy [Orton] in there talking that’s on the internet. You see Seth [Rollins] going half down there. I had no clue and that’s the fun thing about wrestling. You think you know it all sometimes, but man it’s cool to be surprised every now and then because we’re getting the same reaction as the fans at the same time.”


Both Jey Uso and CM Punk may cross paths this Saturday when they compete in the Royal Rumble match. It will be Punk’s first televised match since his return to the company. Stay tuned to Ringside News for live coverage of the 2024 Royal Rumble.

How did you react to CM Punk’s return? Do you think he will win the Royal Rumble match? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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