The biggest story of the week is WWE RAW’s deal with Netflix. After spending several years on the USA Network, RAW will move to Netflix beginning next year. The announcement of this deal shocked the entire industry as no one saw it coming.

Following the announcement, there are many questions regarding what changes will be made to RAW after it moves to Netflix. One big change was already confirmed that WWE RAW will go commercial-free for many subscribers. Another change being talked about is the possibility of RAW moving away from its traditional Monday night slot for the first time.

Eric Bischoff commented on this on his Strictly Business podcast where he stated that the wrestling fanbase is so loyal that they will find a way to tune in to the show irrespective of the day.

“It could … One of the things about the professional wrestling audience — one of the benefits of having a large, loyal audience — is that they are so loyal. And the audience will find you … You can move a cable show from night to night, and you’re going to get your a** kicked, right? Any television show. Once you change nights, it’s difficult for the audience to go with you, except with professional wrestling … And it’s interesting: can ‘Raw,’ now no longer ‘Monday Night Raw,’ but can ‘Raw’ on Netflix avoid ‘Monday Night Football’ conflict? Sure. Can they move the schedule around easily? Maybe. Anything’s possible.”


There’s no doubt that changing WWE RAW from its traditional Monday night slot will be the biggest change made in the show’s 30-year-long history.

What do you make of WWE RAW moving to another day? Are you happy about it? Sound off in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

Passionate pro wrestling fan. Sunil has been writing WWE content writing for over the last five years. Sunil still gets excited when he gets to tell people that he gets paid to watch pro wrestling.

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