WWE RAW has been a staple on American television for 30 years now. The show is the longest-running episodic television show in history. Over the years, Monday Night RAW has been a source of entertainment for people across the world.

RAW is also WWE’s flagship show and their main product. Through the years, RAW has been responsible for some of the most iconic moments in WWE history that have kept fans hooked to their television sets.

For years USA Network was the home of Monday Night RAW. However, that is all set to change in January 2025 after WWE struck deal with Netflix which allows the OTT platform to host the most iconic television show on its platform. Now, new details are emerging about this deal between WWE and Netflix.

According to Alex Sherman of CNBC, Netflix subscribers who don’t get ads won’t miss out on the in-ring action as there will not be any commercial breaks.


“A new detail from the Netflix/Raw deal: For Netflix subs that don’t get ads (the vast majority of y’all)… Raw matches will be scripted around commercial breaks. So you’ll get some non-important match action (sustained headlocks!) instead of commercials. You won’t get ads.”

Netflix and WWE signed a ten-year deal. However, according to a filing with the SEC, Netflix has the option to extend the deal beyond ten years or opt out after five years. It will be interesting to see what this means for the company.

What do you make of WWE’s deal with Netflix? Are you excited that RAW is going to be ad-free? Sound off in the comments section.

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