R-Truth faced a challenging road to recovery after suffering torn quadriceps muscle during a match with Grayson Waller in November 2022 on NXT. While the torn quadriceps was a significant injury, it was further complicated by a brutal infection and a hole in his knee, which almost forced him into retirement.

The injury was initially perceived as a torn quad tendon, but it turned out to be more complicated due to the infection. R-Truth went through a three-month period where he couldn’t bend his knee because of the infection and the hole in his knee. This ordeal posed significant mental and emotional challenges for him.

Despite the doubts and concerns about his career, R-Truth persevered. While speaking to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Truth described the experience as mentally and emotionally challenging, but his determination to return to the ring helped him overcome those obstacles. He emphasized the importance of being one’s own cheerleader and pushing oneself, especially when motivation may be lacking.

“The part of the injury that I would say was questionable was it got infected and there was a hole in my knee. Oh, yeah. I had a hole in my knee. See, people thought I just tore my quad tendon. It was an infection. I went like, really, three months without even bending my knee because they had to get the infection under control. So mentally and emotionally, once I got past that stage, I was pretty much ready for the rehab. The rehabilitation was like a cake walk. I was ready for that. When you’re hungry and you’re thirsty and you want it, you just go get it.”


R-Truth acknowledged that he had concerns about whether he would be able to continue wrestling, given the severity of the injury and the complications that arose from the infection. However, he remained disciplined and had faith in his ability to recover and return to the squared circle.

“Yes. Oh, yeah. Concerns out the yin yang. ‘Cause you gotta think, I had five different infections in my knee along with MRSA, staph, their cousins and brothers and sisters, too. Yeah, you’re thinking that. I thought all those thoughts. All those thoughts, I felt all those emotions. That’s where it comes from; I always tell people you have to be your own cheerleader sometimes. Sometimes you gotta push yourself. You gotta shake your own pompoms sometimes. I don’t even know if that was PG. But sometimes you gotta mentally discipline yourself or mentally stay real, true to yourself. ‘Cause sometimes motivation don’t be there. Life can send stuff your way where motivation ain’t there. Discipline and just having that faith and knowing, man. Now you see me now.”

Throughout the interview, R-Truth discussed the mental and emotional aspects of his journey, emphasizing the need for self-discipline and perseverance in the face of adversity. His dedication and determination ultimately led to his successful return to WWE after a challenging and life-threatening injury.

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