Riddick Moss was largely a mid-carder during his time in WWE and never truly achieved a major level of success there. He was ultimately let go from the company but now he took credit for his character direction in WWE.

Riddick Moss signed a developmental deal with WWE in 2014 and transitioned to the main roster in 2020, briefly teaming up with Mojo Rawley before their split. Moss won the WWE 24/7 Championship and made an appearance on RAW Underground.

Following an ACL tear, he had a significant run on SmackDown as Madcap Moss alongside Baron Corbin. However, their partnership eventually led to a feud and breakup. Moss went on to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal but was released by WWE in September 2023.

While speaking during a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, Riddick Moss shared insights into his initial call-up to the main roster. He mentioned receiving little direction and emphasized that it happened because there wasn’t a specific plan for him in NXT. Initially paired with Mojo Rawley, Moss recalled the swift turn in his storyline, from being Rawley’s bodyguard to eventually turning on him.


Moss described the experience of creating his character on the main roster, where he decided to portray an arrogant 24/7 Champion, drawing inspiration from his own personality. Moss noted the enjoyment of building momentum until the interruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The first time I got called up, it was like very little direction. It was all, it kind of happened to where, long story short, I kind of just got called up because you didn’t have anything for me in NXT. When I went up, that first day I had no idea what I was doing. They were like, ‘You’re gonna be with Mojo,’ then I was his bodyguard, and then two weeks later, I turned on him, and then we did this really fun shoot in a toy factory, Funko toy factory, and I had basically no direction for what my character was. So I kind of just decided to be an arrogant 24/7 Champion and kind of just started saying some of the stuff I would say in promo class as Riddick Moss. It was really fun, and I felt like I was building some momentum, then COVID hit and that kind of put a stop to everything for a while.”

Riddick Moss went on to recall his enjoyment during the Raw Underground phase of his career, highlighting the fun he had despite tearing his ACL during that time. Upon his return, he found more direction in his character as Madcap Moss. Moss emphasized the creative freedom he had during this period, describing it as incredibly goofy and enjoyable. Despite having a lot of direction, he still infused his own style into the character.

Moss then recalled how he had fun during the Raw Underground chapter of his career, but he tore his ACL. He stated that he had more direction upon his return as Madcap Moss. Riddick made it clear that he enjoyed this run, as it was very goofy.

“Then I came back as Raw Underground Riddick Moss, which was also super fun. Totally different than what I was doing before. Then right as that was kind of taking off, I tore my ACL. Then, when I came back later, the next time, that was where I did a lot of direction, where that was Madcap Moss. That was a lot of direction, but I still had to make it my own. But you can’t imagine how much fun that was. I could do whatever I wanted because it was just so goofy.”

Riddick Moss and his fiancee Emma have kept themselves busy with their traveling vlog and other projects following their WWE release. We will have to wait and see what’s next in store for them.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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