Kayla Braxton has needed to defend her past on several occasions, and she is not going to back down from people trying to rain on her parade. She is now offering a deeper glimpse in on the person behind the WWE interviewer that everyone thinks they know so well. Now, with transparent conviction, she is sharing even more.

Kevin Scampoli reacted on his podcast to his “rape baby” comment going viral. Then Braxton replied with a tweet where she called her haters “skidmarks.” Now, Braxton is still going on Twitter, and she is sharing a lot.

Kayla Braxton logged onto Twitter, where she shared a portion of her upcoming autobiography. The book isn’t finished yet, but she certainly revealed a lot in that excerpt. The excerpt from one of the images upload reads as followed:

“I smile a lot because I’m sad.


The earliest picture I’ve seen of me as a baby, I was smiling. But why? What did I have to smile about?

My mother didn’t always walk the straight and narrow. I like to joke about how I’ve been to jail, but what I mean is, my mother was pregnant with me while one of her stints behind bars. She gave birth to me and handed me off to a friend until she could take care of me again. Again – what did I have to smile about?

My mom wasn’t bad. She honestly was great. She always made sure myself and my siblings felt loved by her. I loved her so much. But my mom – well- the decisions she made were far from good.

I currently don’t know all the details perfectly – just what she’s told me so let me start with the night that has forever altered my life.

My mom has always been pretty. Actually, from what I’ve been told, pretty is an understatement. Men fell over her. But she never seemed to choose the men worthy of her attention. And even back then, my mom had issues with the law. One night, she made the decision to break probation by spending an evening in a hotel with her then boyfriend. What she thought was a romantic getaway turned into a nightmare. She learned that her boyfriend’s intentions for this little randevu was actually a setup to let his friends have sex with her. She understandably was pissed upon learning this and stormed out. This is when she found a party going on in the hotel lobby and quickly made friends… specifically hit it off with two men. I mean, duh. She was a knockout. She had one drink… and then it was morning and she was awake and alone in an empty hotel room.

This was the night I was conceived.

I was 12 when I learned I was a product of rape. At the time, I had already been living with my new foster family and my mother had just finished serving a three-year prison sentence. I was finally allowed to see her. We met in a park. I remember walking with her, almost in disbelief that I was with her again. I missed her so much. She told me she wanted to tell me a story. We walked towards a gazebo while making small talk. I vividly remember seeing a used tampon lying on the ground and made a fuss about it. I had just started my period for the first time right before seeing her and – she should have been there for that moment. She missed the moment I became a woman.”

Kayla Braxton won’t stop telling her story. As she keeps going in WWE, she is going to inspire others, and she knows that as well. This fact was not lost on her right-winged podcasting hater, either, because even he acknowledged that Braxton is success, because as he said, “we punch up at rape babies.

We will keep our eye on this story, and so much more, here at Ringside News. You never know what will happen next, because there are certainly a lot more opinions out there to unpack.

What’s your take on Kayla Braxton’s memoir? Are you waiting to preorder it? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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