Kayla Braxton recently reacted to podcaster who was trying to hard to bring her down. Her origin story was used against her, and now the term “rape baby” is being used all over the internet wrestling community due to this story. Mainstream outlets also picked up the story.

Kevin Scampoli reacted on his podcast to his rape baby comment going viral. He pulled up various outlets on his show, while talking about how he engaged with them enough to get this story picked up.

Scampolo noted that those outlets saw the rape baby spin, and they went with it. As he celebrated all this attention, he continued to berate Kayla Braxton for being so open about her childhood, and the circumstances around her conception.

“Remember when my resume just had Forbes on it? Look at that, now I’m on The Sun,” Scampoli said on his podcast. He was also picked up on the Metro, which delighted him.


After saying that Nia Jax is “next,” he said that he needs a new peron to “hurt tonight.” He also brought up as Kayla Braxton posted his clip

“Kayla, you’re not inspiring anyone. The only reason this is getting picked up and reported is the reason we’ve been making fun of it for years. We made videos on this years ago. Literally a video called ‘Kayla Braxton is a Rape Baby,’ and the reason we made that, and why we continue to joke about it, is because rape babies sell. That is the reason why Metro is talking about rape baby, because I gave them permission to.”

He said that they aren’t talking about a bum who lives in the dirt, because Kayla Braxton is a success story. So, “we punch up at our rape babies,” because Braxton is certainly not down at all.

Then Kevin Scampoli started going through the comments of Kayla Braxton’s Instagram post. He called out Samantha Irvin and Katana Chance.

“Who’s Katana? Is she the one teaming with that negro girl, and they’re ruining tag team wrestling?”

Also in the longer extended clip, he accused Kayla Braxton “sexting him” via her Instagram story.

“She wants it so bad, she’s sexting with me in her Instagram story,” Kevin proclaimed.

We will keep our eye on this story for further updates. Kayla Braxton threatened to do background check on Kevin Scampoli and release her findings. We have to wonder if he has any more to say after this, but that new wave of attention and clout can’t be easy to turn down.

You may check out Kevin Scampoli’s comments below. However, we must provide a trigger warning as well, because he says “rape baby” throughout the two-minute clip.

What’s your take on this story about Kayla Braxton? Let us know what you really think in the comments section!

Transcription by Ringside News

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