Kayla Braxton was very open in 2022, when she revealed during an interview with People that she is a product of r*pe. While some saw the courage in her revelation, as she wants to inspire others, some took a much more controversial route.

The WWE backstage interviewer has been the focus of some major trolling, and it got on her radar in big way. Kevin Scampoli used his platform to troll Kayla Braxton in a big way, and Braxton responded by threatening to drop personal information about the podcaster.

Some may not approve of how either person in this situation, and they have expressed their opinions. She responded to those critics by making it very clear that she will speak her truths, no matter what they think. She has a platform for a reason, and she intends to use it.

“And to those telling me to stop sharing if I don’t want the hate – that’s the whole point. I’m not cowering and risking not changing a life because my feelings are hurt. I wasn’t given a platform just to be defeated by a bunch of losers. This is my life. And this is my purpose.”


The tweet from Kayla Braxton also included an animated gif that said, “Embrace what you are meant for.” Hopefully, people got the message.

WWE personalities expose themselves to the public eye. Kayla Braxton has built resilient emotional armor over the years, and she remains unwavering in her identity. Despite persistent attempts to criticize her, she is determined to continue embracing her best life.

Braxton doesn’t seem to be changing her tactic in dealing with trolls, especially those with a listener base, because you really never know what will happen next. Keep checking back with Ringside News as we continue covering this story, and so many more in the pro wrestling world.

What’s your take on this situation with how Kayla Braxton is handling this recent unwanted spotlight? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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