Kayla Braxton and a podcaster named Kevin Scampoli, who reacted on his podcast to his rape baby comment about her going viral. He pulled up various outlets on his show, while talking about how he engaged with them enough to get this story picked up.

Kayla Braxton fired back at this response and said that the “skidmarks of society” are not going to bring her down. She has a purpose, and nothing is going to stop her from achieving everything she can.

Braxton made it clear that she will not stop sharing her story, because people will always exist who wallow “in their own misery.” We can only assume that her haters got this message.

“The skidmarks on the underpants of society aren’t going to interrupt my purpose. No matter how much good I try to do by sharing my story, there will always be people wallowing in their own misery hoping to take others down with them. I’m better than them and always will be.”


Scampoli also went off on Bratxon during his show, even bringing her politics into things. He dragged her for supporting a woman’s right to choose when her birth was a product of non-consensual sex.

Kayla Braxton will not stop living her best life. She may have been a product of rape, but she’s not ashamed of her past. She has embraced every part of who she is, even if that makes her a target from an angry right-winged podcaster.

We will keep our eye on this story for more updates. Odds are, Kevin Scampoli will keep riding this way of clout for as long as he can. He may find a different target eventually, as he alluded to. After all, he fired a pretty brutal shot at Kayden Carter and Katana Chance.

“Who’s Katana? Is she the one teaming with that negro girl, and they’re ruining tag team wrestling?”

That being said, if he makes enough noise, we’ll be here to cover it here at Ringside News. Keep checking back here for more headlines.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing feud between Kayla Braxton and podcaster Kevin Scampoli? Do you believe public figures should respond to online criticism, or is it better to ignore it? Let us know in the comments.

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