Kayla Braxton is well aware of the fact that WWE fans can be amazing, but cruel at the same time. She recently reacted to one video she saw where someone took joy in bringing her down.

Kayla Braxton recently reacted to a video that she saw on Twitter, and it was quite concerning. Braxton saw it as sad, because this person just wanted to hurt her.

This all started when Kayla Braxton addressed a hater recently who called her a “r*pe baby.” She sent out a blast on Twitter to let fans know that this person wanted attention, so she gave it to them. She would later go on to delete that tweet.

“@legit_tcw wants attention. I know a lot of you are great little detectives. Find out who this person is, where they work, etc – because anyone who feels brave enough to post this about someone deserves to be treated as the worthless scum they are. Let’s get to work, friends.


This “r*pe baby” tweet was further fodder for that viral video. The host of this video, Kevin Scampoli, and someone in his DMs had a jolly good time laughing about Braxton’s feelings getting hurt. He then showed off that Ringside News covered this story.

Kayla Braxton responded to say that she feels sympathy for the people who try to hurt her. It really is sad that people want to go out of their way to damage someone’s wellbeing like that.

Not sure how someone can be so miserable to go on a public platform and say these things, but I feel so sad for this person. Never heard of him, but he’s probably so empty. He clearly wanted to hurt me, but all he’s got is my sympathy. Man. Sad.”

Kayla Braxton also shared this clip on Instagram, and she included an even longer caption. She included some of the same main points, but she had a lot more to say on Instagram.

“Man. This past week has been a challenge. I’ve gotten some insane and unwarranted hate for no reason at all. I was hesitant to post this because I hate giving satisfaction to the people who have put me in this mental space. But I also think it’s important to talk about it. I’m having a hard time understanding why I’m receiving things like this lately for parts of my life I’ve had no control over, but have shared because I feel like… why else am I here if not to make some kind of difference, ya know?”

I’m very hard on myself, but then I consider where I am despite how I got here. I was conceived via rape and my mother (who’s been to hell and back and I’m so proud of her) was in prison for years, which is what landed me in foster care. But as strong as I try to be, things like this bring out the darkest parts of me. I hate giving this bottom feeder any attention, but I think exposing him is necessary. We all know people who have taken their lives because of this kind of thing. I’m way too stubborn to do that, but these people need to be held accountable … oh Kevin Scampoli – bless your empty heart.”

Also – maybe the title of my memoir will be “rape baby.” I mean – how damn bad ass is it that I was brought into this world that way and kinda killing it?

While speaking with People in 2022, Kayla Braxton confirmed that she is product of rape. That is nothing to joke about, as she was more than transparent for fans. It was also something that these cruel people have used against her.

WWE personalities put themselves out there for the public to see. Kayla Braxton has developed very thick skin throughout her life, and she’s not going to let that change who she is. Despite so much effort to tear her down, she’s going to keep living her best life.

We will have to see how Kayla Braxton handles any of these sentiments in the future. If anything, she certainly showed maturity in this instance. You can check out Braxton’s response below.

What’s your take on how Kayla Braxton handled this situation? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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