The Undertaker recently updated his YouTube channel, sharing his thoughts on the biggest big men in wrestling history.

In the video, The Deadman himself revealed his Mount Rushmore of wrestling’s biggest big men. Hold onto your hats, because this is gonna ruffle some feathers!

Taker starts off with a bold statement, saying, “This is another Mount Rushmore list. This one, I think I know a little bit about. Although I may know a little bit about it, I’m still not convinced I got it right. This Mount Rushmore list is of the big men. The 300 plus 6’5 guys. The big men. I’m thinking who am I going to piss off the most. Well, I’m going to piss off just about everybody probably watching this, but that’s alright. I can take it.”

At number four, he drops the hammer with Big Van Vader. Taker praised Vader’s versatility, calling him incredibly agile and a huge star, especially in Japan. “Just, I think, a classic big man that could move,” he said.


“He’s a big man. He really could do it all. He was incredibly agile. I mean, he was so believable, I think because most of his stuff was laid in, but he was such a huge star, especially in Japan. Man, he just had some wars. I had a heck of a run within myself in WWE. Just, I think, a classic big man that could move and I just thought that was the most impressive thing was the big guys that could actually move and be athletes and he was all of that.”

Next up, at number three, The Undertaker shows some love for his buddy, Yokozuna. He’s quick to remind us that it’s not just because they were pals but because Yokozuna was a 6’4″, 450-pound powerhouse who moved like a cat. Taker even admits that seeing Yoko in action defied all logic and reasoning.

“Even before he came to WWE, well actually it was WWF back then, WWE, when you see him in Japan, six foot four, probably 450 pounds and could move like a cat. The things that he could do, it would defy your own sense of logic and reasoning because your mind would tell you there’s no possible way that a man that size can move and do the things that Yokozuna could do. It was honestly incredible to watch him and it was even more incredible to be able to work, and man did we have just knockdown, drag out, killer matches. I’m firm on Yokozuna. He was just a classic, big man who carried himself in a big man’s way. Just awesome.”

Taking the silver medal at number two is none other than Kane. Taker gushes about Kane’s all-around skills and praises his incredible athleticism.

“My number two has gotta be Kane. I mean, arguably could be number one. I’m gonna go Kane at number two. Kane is the kind of guy, and not just because he’s a big guy, but it’s like if you were going to start a company, if you were going to start your own wrestling company, you want to start out with a Kane on your roster because Kane could work with anybody. He had so much range and learned how to become more than just a monster, but man, when he was in the ring, he was the big red monster. He was just a killing machine. The things that he could do, my goodness, all the stuff off the top rope. I mean, just incredible athleticism for a man of his stature. Yea, firm, firm, number two.”

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – The Undertaker’s top pick for the greatest big man of all time, number one on his list: Andre the Giant! Taker hails Andre as the original face of wrestling, even before Hulk Hogan. He’s in awe of the mythical figure that Andre was, and he’s quick to point out that when Andre was in his prime, there was no one like him. “He was the biggest attraction in wrestling history,” Taker declares.

“Number one, the greatest big man of all time, without a doubt, Andre the Giant. Just incredible. He was the face of wrestling before Hogan or anyone else. Andre was just a mythical person that traveled around the country. A lot of you didn’t see Andre until the end when his health was in decline, but when Andre was a young man, the things that he could do at the size that he was, he was the biggest attraction in wrestling history, and my goodness, he could work with anybody, if he liked you (he laughed). If he didn’t like it, it could be a long night at the office.”

The Undertaker has spoken, and whether you agree or not, this Mount Rushmore of big men is bound to get everyone talking in the wrestling world! Stay tuned for more hot takes and insider info right here on Ringside News.

Do you agree with The Undertaker’s choices for his Mount Rushmore of big men in wrestling history, or do you have a different list in mind? Who are your top picks for the most formidable and iconic big men in the world of professional wrestling, and what makes them stand out to you? Share your thoughts and rankings!

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