Mercedes Mone, a renowned and accomplished female wrestler, garnered significant recognition and star status in Japan, particularly with her success in promotions such as NJPW and STARDOM. Despite her absence from WWE for a while, recent developments have reignited speculation about her wrestling future. One such development is the removal of her NJPW theme song from the music streaming platform Spotify.

Mone’s unexpected departure from WWE made headlines when she walked out on a May episode of Monday Night RAW in 2022. This move sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. Since leaving WWE, Mercedes Mone has worked on establishing her own brand and unique identity within the wrestling world, setting her apart from the competition.

Previous reports suggested that negotiations between Mercedes Mone and WWE for her return had been ongoing, with expectations that she might make a comeback at the Royal Rumble. However, it appears that these negotiations ultimately fell through.

The removal of Mercedes Mone’s NJPW theme song from Spotify, along with her profile on the platform, has raised questions and further fueled speculation about her wrestling future. It remains unclear what this development signifies, but it adds an intriguing layer to her ongoing career narrative.


While return to WWE may not have materialized, reports have also indicated that an AEW debut for Mercedes Mone is not out of the realm of possibility. With exciting prospects on the horizon for 2024, fans can only eagerly anticipate and observe her next moves in the wrestling world.

The removal of her theme song may suggest a desire for a fresh start or the beginning of a new chapter in her wrestling career. It could also be a strategic move to create anticipation and intrigue among her fan base. Ultimately, only time will reveal the true significance behind this decision.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet is a professional wrestling fan for over 22 years. He got captivated by the sport during the Monday Night Wars and has a passion for it ever since. He also enjoys TV shows, movies, anime, novels and music, which broadens his perspective and appreciation for wrestling. He is a knowledgeable and respected voice in the industry.

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