Mercedes Mone has risen to prominence as a standout female wrestler, achieving star status in Japan with success in NJPW and STARDOM. Despite her prolonged absence from WWE and reports of negotiations, talks between Mone and WWE ultimately fell through. Now, the reason for their talks falling through has now been revealed.

Mercedes Mone’s unexpected departure from WWE, marked by her walkout on a May episode of Monday Night RAW last year, sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. In the time since, Mone has created her own brand and set herself apart from the rest.

We had previously reported that Mercedes Mone’s status in the world of professional wrestling could change at any given time. That’s exactly what happened as reports noted that Mercedes Mone and WWE’s negotiations for return fell through, even though it was a given she would come back at the Royal Rumble.

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer addressed Mercedes Mone no longer speaking to WWE about a potential return. Meltzer noted that she was definitely taking with WWE, but money issues played a part in their negotiations falling through.


“She was absolutely talking with WWE. From what I was told, they were far apart on money. There was one person in WWE who said, “until she shows up and signs a contract, just remember what happened with Punk.” I was told that this afternoon, “just remember what happened with Punk.” I was told that by multiple people that they were far apart on money.”

Meltzer further added that another point of contention would be her acting career. In AEW, she could pursue that without any problems but in WWE that may not be the case.

“The other thing with her is she has other thing with her whether it’s acting or other companies she’s involved in that could be an issue. With AEW I think she would have more freedom to act, although WWE would probably give you more freedom now than under Vince because he’s such a controlling person. “

Reports have also suggested that Mercedes Mone could very well appear in AEW imminently. She didn’t appear at AEW Worlds End, but that doesn’t mean Mone won’t debut there within the next couple of months.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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