Maria Kanellis was once a mainstay of WWE television but that is all in the past now. She is currently part of the AEW roster and now Kanellis revealed the health issues that plagued her over the past year.

Last year, Maria Kanellis revealed that she underwent thyroid surgery and thankfully, it all went well. Unfortunately, her health hasn’t been the best for the past year and that has also been attributed to her infrequent appearances on AEW and ROH.

The former WWE Superstar took to her Instagram and uploaded a video, where she revealed her vulnerable side. Kannellis revealed that two cancer cells were discovered but according to her, they weren’t really considered cancerous.

The AEW star also revealed that after the surgery, she felt like she no longer had control of her own body, adding that her metabolism has changed. Kannelis further added that she still felt a little bit of control during her pregnancies.


Somebody just asked what made 2023 so hard. It was a lot of things. I had thyroid surgery in February and they took out half my thyroid and I didn’t have to be put on thyroid medication. They found a couple of cancer cells but they don’t really consider that cancer. They said it could have become that but didn’t really call it cancer. And having that surgery changed the way that my body’s metabolism works and changes the way that my body reacts to food and how it reacts to the gym and I gained weight this year and it’s the first time I feel like I don’t have control over my own body. Been through two pregnancies and through both of them I felt like I had a bit of control. Even postpartum I felt like I had control, but this is different. That’s just one of the changes.

This is certainly sad to hear just how much Maria Kanellis is going through and fans hope things get better for her in the long run. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Maria Kanellis.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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