Eve Torres was one of the better-known stars during the Divas Era in WWE but she has long since left the company. The former WWE Superstar has now recounted the time she almost lost her life during an incident at the beach.

Eva Torres took to her Instagram and shared a chilling incident from a beach outing with her father and children, Renson and Raeven, where she and her family could have lost their lives if luck was not on their side.

Despite going against her better judgment, Torres and her son Raeven were unexpectedly swept away by the tide. The situation worsened as her father struggled for his life, leading to a separation in the chaos.

Eve Torres and her son Raeven, while holding hands and swimming, found themselves in a distressing situation at the beach. Despite reaching a rock for assistance, Torres was unable to locate her father. Desperate for help, she cried out, ultimately revealing that her father was saved by a brave person amid the tumultuous ordeal.


The ocean isn’t something I grew up around, so I have always had a fear around it. I have never been a strong swimmer, so I have been building my relationship with the ocean as my husband and boys love the waves, both surf and swim.

Today, me, my father, and Raeven went out to the beach. Against my intuition, we went swimming in waves next to the tide pools. The water was shallow, and Raeven kept going in a little deeper, against my requests. Within minutes, me and Raeven were swept out in a rip current, and I could no longer feel the sand with my feet. I yelled for my father to get help, but it was clear he was also not able to swim back.

Me and Raeven held hands and breathed as I coached him to keep swimming. I think having him next me helped to keep me from panicking, as I had to keep calm for him. It felt like we were out there for an eternity, although it was likely minutes. He knew we were in a rip tide, and he asked me if we were going to die, and I said no my love, we are going to be ok. We swam, and swam, and tried catching the waves in. Then I looked behind me, and we couldn’t see my father in the ocean. Raeven cried out for him.

I finally got to a large rock, and still couldn’t see my father but started to scream for help. A brave man came out to help, and I told him my father was out there. He swam to him, while Raeven and I kept treading water to get to land. I finally felt more rocks and eventually sand on my feet, but still couldn’t see my father.

Within moments I see the man with my father next to him, both swimming toward the rocks. More people came to help, and Raeven and I wept on the sand together knowing we were ok and Papu would be safe. Eventually they walked my father safely onto the beach.

I am proud of how brave and calm Raeven remained, and sad knowing he had this experience, and has a new fear of the ocean. I guess that is life. Navigating the dangers around us, and learning from our close calls. Knowing that we cannot truly experience all that life has to offer without bravely engaging with our fears.

While talking with the bombero I saw my first hummingbird here in a tree. I felt Raeven’s Nana’s presence there, keeping us safe. It is going be hard to stop thinking about the what-ifs, but I am so immensely grateful for what is.

Eve Torrest previously admitted that her potential in WWE was limited as well. Nonetheless, we are certainly glad that nothing bad happened to Eve Torres and her family as they were able to make it back to safety.

What’s your opinion on this harrowing tale shared by Eve Torres? Are you glad she is okay? Let us know in the comments section below!

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