Val Venis has not shied away from his right-winged opinions, as his battle with pronouns has shifted into a full-on homophobic post. This may trigger some readers, so you have been warned.

Val Venis is not afraid to spread his right-wing message. He has a lot of opinions at this point, and he doesn’t care who he upsets in the process. After all, Val Venis makes lot of money in the marijuana industry.

On Christmas Day, Val Venis decided to take things to another level. He said that homosexuals are imprisoned by Satan.

FACT: Gay folks are humans created by God, then captured and imprisoned by Satan. #SatansHostages


Keep in mind that Val Venis also once spread rumor that The Pope was arrested. This latest post was just one in a long line of outlandish claims, including that The Rock “sold his soul to the devil.”

As we previously reported, Val Venis made an incredibly bold claim about the vaccine in relation to Bray Wyatt’s passing. Val Venis also had some terribly controversial things to say about Bray Wyatt and Triple H’s heart issues.

We will have to see what Val Venis says next. Odds are, it will be uncensored, and full of controversy. Keep checking back with us here at Ringside News for more.

What’s your take on Val Venis’ controversial message? Do you pay attention to anything he says? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Felix Upton

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