Chris Jericho made headlines when he went off on Stephen P New. That has led to a bit of a block party from Jericho, and it just so happened to go down on Christmas.

Chris Jericho is not afraid to speak out when he has something to say. This was unchanged when the news broke that CM Punk and Ace Steel have lifetime NDAs, so they can’t talk about Brawl Out.

In case you need a refresher, Chris Jericho fired off an angry post on X on Christmas. He called the well-known attorney out for his non-disclosure agreement situation, while claiming that he doesn’t have one.

Hey @StephenPNew- I don’t adhere to an employee handbook and have NEVER had one in 4 years of working for @aew. Ive also never signed an NDA in my life ….ever. So stop trying to be a bully and making egotistical fantasy brags for your clients, and start doing some research before you make blanket statements about your buddies. Because I saw EVERYTHING that night…including how Lucy (and her husband and best buddy) acted and what really went down…and since I was in the room and watching her and everybody else the whole time..I know exactly what really happened. And considering you weren’t there and I was …maybe you should shut your mark ass up. Because what really went down was disgusting.


Nick Hausman from Haus of Wrestling then replied to Jericho by asking, “What about the NDAs you make other people sign?”

Chris Jericho did not reply to Nick Hausman, but he did block him. Hausman then let all of his followers know what Jericho’s response was to this honest question.

It appears that Chris Jericho may have handed out a non-disclosure agreement or two in his day, and Nick Hausman had the scoop. Jericho apparently didn’t like that Hausman called him out for this NDA hypocrisy, so we have a controversial situation on Christmas Day.

What’s your take on Chris Jericho hitting the block button on Nick Hausman? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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