2023 was a very unpredictable year, and it closed out with WWE in the hands of a new owner. Endeavor merged WWE and UFC into one TKO Group Holdings, and there have already been a lot of cuts. Now, we know some of the people they fired in their last round of releases.

WWE fired over 100 employees from their corporate headquarters. They also slashed several members from their talent roster. The comprehensive list of people WWE has fired since the UFC merger includes executives and a former World Champion.

It was previously reported that TKO Group Holdings was expected to make even more cuts after their 3rd quarter earnings call. It did not take long for those firings to come down the pipeline.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE saw five Senior Vice Presidents fired during their last round of firings. It was stated that redundancies were the reason for these releases.


“They cut five Senior Vice Presidents. They cut Michael White, who was on all of the conference calls, the investors calls every quarter.”

It was noted how the last TKO Group Holdings conference call felt very different. They didn’t have anyone representing WWE, as TKO was the focus. Ari Emanuel and Mark Shipario were on the call, handling business, and the whole call had a much different vibe to it.

“Most of the people who were cut, it was a business thing, and they had people already for the jobs, Craig Stimmel who was the head of Global Sales, I’m sure they had someone for that job. Karen Mulane, who was the Chief Accounting Officer, and Stewart Frye, who was the Senior Vice President of Streaming Technology, and Matt Guyer who was the Senior Vice President of Gaming.”

“So, they were some of the key people who was cut. Michael White was with the company for something like 17 years, he was always on those calls when they went through everything.”

Dave Meltzer went on to say that this was expected, because UFC fired a lot of people when Endeavor took over their company as well. “There were no sacred cows,” he noted as he said “they cut a lot of people who build that company from an organizational standpoint, you didn’t know who would get cut, and a lot of major people got cut — and it was the same thing here [with WWE].”

We will have to see what is in WWE’s future. 2024 promises to be a big financial year, but it seems that is not enough in business to keep someone’s job at this point. Hopefully, nobody else loses their job before they close our 2023.

What’s your take on WWE firing so many people? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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