WWE fired a lot of employees today, and it appears that the reach of those layoffs was massive. A few departments saw tremendous losses, and in the end, a ton of people are without a job at the end of the day.

Dana Warrior was also part of those releases, but she was one of many. In the end, WWE fired a massive amount of employees today.

PW Insider reports that WWE fired over 100 employees today. This went down on the Friday after WWE and UFC’s merger into TKO Holdings Group was finalized.

Today’s WWE layoffs have been completed, PWInsider.com has confirmed.


We are told that over 100+ employees were let go over the course of the day, so this was a rough day for everyone in the company, whether they have remained or have departed

There were a lot of people in WWE who were nervous that call will come that they are no longer employed. Sadly, that Zoom call came for a lot of people in WWE.

WWE and UFC’s merger is now complete, and TKO Holdings Group intends on cutting costs. They have a number in mind, and it will take a lot of hard decisions to reach that desired $50 million to $100 million goal.

Ringside News exclusively reported that the WWE Creative Team is not expected to see any cuts. That is not to say others didn’t receive terrible news today. Keep checking back with us for more information on this story.

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