WWE fans are already placing their bets on who CM Punk will face at WrestleMania 40. Although huge match with Steve Austin is now a possibility, it appears that they are going to keep Punk from Roman Reigns for as long as they can.

CM Punk mentioned speaking with a “wise man” during his November 27th promo on WWE RAW, marking his return after nearly 10 years. Whether CM Punk intended this as a hint or not, it was immediately perceived that at some point, Heyman and Punk might collaborate. This led to speculation about a Reigns vs. Punk matchup. The fact is that Reigns vs. Punk would be the most significant match they could stage.

Sports Illustrated reported that, after CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins, the intended direction is Roman Reigns vs. Punk. This direction is so evident that it’s not being concealed, but for the time being, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that the plan is to take a considerable amount of time before reaching that point. The current sentiment is that it will be a colossal event when they decide to proceed.

Whether he meant this as a tease, it was immediately taken that somewhere down the line that Heyman and Punk will end up together ,which led to Reigns vs. Punk speculation. The reality is that Reigns vs. Punk would be the biggest match they could do. 


Sports Illustrated reported after Punk vs. Rollins that the direction is Reigns vs. Punk. That is the obvious ultimate direction, so clear it’s not even being hidden, but for right now, the plan is to take a lot of time before getting there. The feeling right now is that will be gigantic at the time they choose to get there. Whether it results in Heyman leaving Reigns for Punk and Punk going heel and Reigns face, which was the speculation we got, there are multiple different ways to approach that.

The key is to peak it timing wise, although it’ll probably work big whenever it happens. But there are the risks. One major star who saw the situation said that they’d better get there within six months because of the injury risk or uncertainty with Punk.

Various approaches for Roman Reigns vs CM Punk are possible, such as Paul Heyman leaving Reigns for Punk and Punk adopting a heel persona while Reigns turns face, which was the subject of speculation. Only time will tell how WWE goes about booking this situation.

Stay tuned with us here at Ringside News for more on this story, and so many more. You never know what will happen next, as CM Punk’s return to WWE certainly proved that.

What’s your take on CM Punk vs Roman Reigns? How long should they keep them away from each other? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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