Former WWE NXT and Impact Wrestling star Kimber Lee, found herself in hot water with the law, and we’ve got all the juicy details from her recent pre-trial hearing in the Highlands County Court in Florida.

Kimber Lee, aka Kimberly Frankele, faced the judge today, and here’s the scoop: She decided to skip the courtroom drama and let her attorney do the talking. Yep, she waived her right to appear in person. But don’t fret, folks, because the legal circus is far from over. They’ve penciled in another hearing for Tuesday, January 2, 2024, at 8:30 AM. Mark your calendars, ’cause it’s gonna be lit!

Now, let’s rewind to the chaotic incident that got Kimber Lee into this mess. Back on May 11, in the sunny town of Sebring, Florida, she found herself in a pickle. The charges? DUI, Resisting an Officer with Violence, and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer. Ouch!

Fast forward to July 7, and Kimber Lee officially pleaded not guilty to all the charges. She also pumped the brakes on the speedy trial option and threw in a request for a public defender. Turns out she wasn’t rolling in the dough to hire a hotshot attorney. The request got the green light, and she’s got herself some legal backup.


So, what went down that fateful day in May? According to Officer P.J. Roberts’ police report, it all started when he spotted a gray Kia Soul facing the wrong way in the middle of the road on U.S. 27. Traffic was stopped, but the light was green – weird, right? Officer Roberts hit the sirens and made a U-turn to pull the car over. But wait, there’s more! The Kia swerved onto the shoulder, almost smooching the guardrail, and then took a wild left into a shopping center parking lot, stopping only when it felt like it.

Officer Roberts, now in detective mode, approached Kimber Lee, who was later identified by her Florida Driver’s License. He described her as having “bloodshot, watery eyes” and a mouthful of slurred words. Things got even weirder when she couldn’t quite grasp why she was being pulled over, repeatedly asking, “Why are you messing with me?”

Officer Roberts tried to snag her driver’s license, but she played hard to get. Kimber Lee attempted to bolt from the scene several times, claiming she had to grab her laundry from a nearby laundromat. Officer Roberts was having none of it, reminding her she was suspected of being under the influence and needed to stay put.

At 5:02 PM, Officer Roberts decided it was time to slap on the cuffs. That’s when things took a violent turn. Kimber Lee ain’t going down without a fight! She allegedly struck Officer Roberts in the chest to avoid getting cuffed and even gave him a few kicks to the chest and face. Ouch, that must’ve stung!

But don’t worry, backup arrived. A Highlands County Deputy swung by and opened the passenger door of Kimber Lee’s car, momentarily distracting Officer Roberts. That’s when he finally managed to slap those cuffs on her. It wasn’t until 5:14 PM that Kimber Lee was taken into custody by the Sebring, Florida Police Department, headed straight to the Highlands County Jail.

After recovering from his injuries at the hospital, Officer Roberts hit Kimber Lee with an implied consent and requested a breath test for her alcohol content. She blew a .140 at 10:22 PM, five hours after the traffic stop. Just to give you a little perspective, the legal limit in Florida is .08. Kimber Lee was asked for a second sample, but she reportedly decided to play hard to get and didn’t comply with the directions. Oh boy, that won’t look good in court!

Now, let’s talk consequences. A first-time DUI conviction in Florida could land Kimber Lee up to six months behind bars, a revoked driver’s license, 50 hours of community service, and fines of up to $1,000. But wait, there’s more trouble brewing! The charge of Resisting an Officer with Violence is a third-degree felony in the Sunshine State, carrying a potential sentence of up to five years in prison or probation, plus a hefty $5,000 fine. And that battery on a law enforcement officer charge? It’s in the same boat with the same max penalties!

In the wrestling world, Kimber Lee had her moments. She even announced her retirement just three days before this legal rollercoaster began. She’d been in the WWE NXT and Impact Wrestling scenes but hadn’t wrestled much since Impact stopped using her in January 2022. Despite denying her departure at the time, she never made a comeback, wrestling only four times since then, with her last performance in October 2022.

Since the arrest, Kimber Lee has kept busy on social media, although she’s remained mum about her legal woes. She did, however, delete her Twitter account once the news broke but still keeps her Instagram active, where she offers tarot card readings for a price.

So there you have it, folks! Kimber Lee’s legal drama continues, and we’ll be here to spill the tea when more juicy details emerge. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates!

What are your thoughts on Kimber Lee’s legal situation and the charges she’s facing? How do you think this might impact her wrestling career, given her recent retirement announcement? Leave us a comment below.

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