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WWE NXT (11/28/2023) Lineup:

  • NXT North American title number one contender’s match: Wes Lee vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed vs. Johnny Gargano
  • NXT Tag Team Titles: Tony D’Angelo and Stacks defend against Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo
  • Andre Chase will break his silence
  • Bron Breakker vs. Eddy Thorpe – Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match
  • Kelani Jordan vs. Kiana James – Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match

WWE NXT (11/28/2023) Results:

Vic Joseph and Booker T serve as your announcers.

Tony DÁngelo and Channing Lorenzo vs. Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza for the NXT Tag Titles

Tony and Channing launch an attack on Garza and Carrillo. Garza retaliates with a dropkick to Channing, and they both retreat beneath the ring. Channing, however, surprises them with a flip dive onto Garza and Humberto.


The match officially commences, with Tony tagging in Channing. Together, they execute a running cutter and backbreaker combo, nearly securing a pinfall. Channing lands a punch and ascends the turnbuckles for a series of punches. Humberto counters with a thrust kick, but Channing sends Carrillo into the ropes with a drop toe hold. Tony takes the tag and delivers a series of punches to Humberto, followed by consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes. He maintains a front face lock and continues with punches. Garza successfully blocks a butterfly suplex, allowing Tony to receive a springboard round kick from Carrillo. After Carrillo’s chop, Garza tags in and unleashes a flurry of kicks.

Channing re-enters the fray, clotheslining both Angel and Humberto. He then dropkicks Carrillo, but Garza intervenes by pulling Carrillo out of harm’s way as Channing charges into the corner. Angel delivers a chop and secures a near fall. Humberto also nearly pins Channing following a double gourdbuster slam and a double thrust kick. Tony makes his return to the ring, assisting Channing with a punch and a European uppercut before executing a German suplex.

Garza strategically traps Channing on the turnbuckles, allowing Humberto to execute a sunset flip powerbomb. Together, Garza and Humberto team up for a double press slam off the turnbuckles, slamming Channing to the mat. Humberto sends Channing to the outside and places him on the apron for Garza to connect with a running knee to the head, causing Channing to tumble to the floor. Garza follows up by hot-shotting Channing on the apron and then rolling him back into the ring. Angel goes for a pin attempt but only manages to secure a near fall.

Channing fights back with punches, but Garza responds with a Gory Special submission hold. He then tags in Humberto, who hits a slingshot neckbreaker while Channing is still trapped in the Gory Special, earning a close near fall. Humberto goes for a suplex, but Channing blocks it and nearly gets a pin with an inside cradle. Humberto knocks Tony off the apron to prevent Channing from tagging out and transitions into a seated abdominal stretch, which he turns into a side headlock. Channing retaliates with punches, and Humberto responds with a snapmare and a dropkick, once again nearly securing a pinfall with his swift offense. Humberto maintains control with a rear chin lock.

Garza tags back in, and Humberto positions Channing against the ropes. However, Garza misses a running knee, and Channing sends Angel into the ring post. Tony and Humberto tag in, with Tony delivering clotheslines and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Tony follows up with an exploder into the corner. Meanwhile, Garza prevents Channing from intervening by stopping him with a knee strike. Humberto sends Tony to the outside, and Channing tries to roll up Humberto for a near fall while Tony and Humberto brawl on the floor. Channing lands an uppercut in the corner, and Humberto tags in, executing a sunset flip and then lifting Channing up for a missile dropkick-assisted powerbomb, nearly securing the victory.

In a turn of events, Tony delivers a superkick to Carrillo, and Channing lands a knee strike, earning a near fall on Garza. Channing resorts to a low blow on Garza while Humberto distracts the referee. Garza responds with a butterfly piledriver for a near fall, but Channing surprises him with another low blow during the kickout, demonstrating his determination to gain the upper hand.

Tony adds another move to his arsenal by hip-tossing Channing, sending him crashing onto Carrillo on the outside. With that, Tony secures the three-count for the victory, successfully defending their championship.

Winners: Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo (retain the championship).

Later, in the lounge, people engage in discussions about the video featuring Ilja and Corbin. Frazer and Axiom share their thoughts on the segment, with Frazer expressing a preference for Corbin’s lifestyle.

Ilja arrives on the scene and questions whether his choices are misguided. He asks Frazer if he’s implying that Corbin’s life is superior to his own, seeking clarification and understanding from his friend.

In response to Ilja’s questions, Frazer conveys his respect for Ilja but acknowledges that there may be doubts because their actions sometimes speak differently. Frazer goes on to admit that, like many others in the room, he would prefer to have a lifestyle like Corbin’s.

Recognizing Ilja’s intense focus on his upcoming match at Deadline, Frazer suggests that Ilja might be feeling wound up and anxious about the impending contest.

The scene transitions to Jerry Lawler revealing his selections for the Iron Survivor Qualifying Matches. For the men, he chooses Bron Breakker to face off against Eddy Thorpe, and for the women, his choice is Kelani Jordan to take on Kiana James. These decisions set the stage for exciting matchups in the near future.

The broadcast shifts its focus to Johnny Gargano, featuring a video package that highlights his career and accomplishments.

Meanwhile, Brooks, Josh, and Fallon engage in a discussion about Josh’s inclusion in the Iron Survivor match, with Josh expressing how significant this victory is for him.

Lexis King joins the conversation, attributing Josh’s success to her assistance. She mentions how JBL chose Josh, while Mick picked Fallon. Lexis also notes that none of the legends selected Brooks, which prompts Brooks to playfully suggest that he’s just stirring the pot.

Josh responds to Lexis, inviting her and her beard to take center stage because Brooks is determined to show why he should have been chosen by the legends.

The broadcast then features footage of Nikkita Lyons as she trains for her highly anticipated return to action, building anticipation among the viewers.

Finally, Nikkita is spotted in the crowd, hinting at her presence and potential impact on the ongoing events.

Kiana James vs. Kelani Jordan in an Iron Survivor Qualifying Match

In the ring, the two competitors lock up, and Kiana James starts with a punch to Kelani Jordan’s ribs. Kiana attempts a back fist, but Jordan manages to evade it. James follows up with a kick, but Jordan counters it with a well-placed punch. James responds by Irish whipping Jordan into the ropes and delivering a punch, followed by a shoulder thrust in the corner.

Kiana James then charges at Jordan with a running shoulder into the corner, and she proceeds to Irish whip her opponent. However, Kelani Jordan showcases her agility by smoothly floating over and connecting with a precise dropkick. Jordan takes control of the situation with some shoulder thrusts in the corner. She applies a side headlock and executes a takedown. James briefly counters with a head scissors, but Jordan skillfully escapes the hold, keeping the match competitive.

Kelani Jordan maintains her side headlock takedown, and Kiana James attempts to power her way out of the hold, but Jordan’s grip remains strong. Frustrated, James resorts to pulling Jordan’s hair to reverse the headlock.

James comes back with a shoulder tackle, but Jordan manages to block James’ attempt to counter her Tiger Feint arm drag. Instead, Jordan executes an arm drag that sends James tumbling to the outside. Seizing the opportunity, Jordan dives through the ropes with a head scissors takedown, sending James crashing to the floor. James returns to the ring, but Jordan doesn’t let her recover easily.

Jordan sends James into the apron, but James turns the tables by alley-ooping Jordan into the announce table. James continues her assault by repeatedly sending Jordan into the announce table, and when they return to the ring, she secures a near fall. James follows up with knees to Jordan’s midsection and a series of kicks, further wearing down her opponent. Another near fall ensues as James asserts her dominance in the match.

Kiana James manages to send Kelani Jordan to the mat, following it up with a series of forearm strikes, resulting in a near fall. James continues to work on Jordan’s back and uses the ropes to choke her. After sending Jordan to the mat again, James secures another near fall and applies a rear chin lock to exert further pressure.

However, Kelani Jordan fights back, breaking free from the hold with a jawbreaker. She goes on the offensive, delivering running forearms and a back elbow to James. Jordan follows it up with a flip leg drop for another near fall. Attempting to gain the upper hand, Jordan goes for her signature move, the Playmaker, but James counters with a spinebuster, nearly getting the three-count.

James attempts to hoist Jordan onto her shoulders, but Jordan manages to escape, exchanging a series of forearm strikes with James. Jordan secures a near fall with her offense. She then takes control, delivering punches in the corner and positioning James on the turnbuckles, hinting at a superplex. However, James blocks the maneuver and pushes Jordan off the turnbuckles with a shot to the throat.

At this critical juncture, James unexpectedly employs a move called “401k,” and Roxanne Perez rings the bell, causing confusion. Kiana James seems to shift her focus to this unexpected development, allowing Jordan to capitalize. Jordan kicks James and executes her signature move, the split-legged moonsault, for the three-count.

The winner of the match is Kelani Jordan.

A video package highlighting Cameron Grimes plays, showcasing his accomplishments and journey.

Following the video package, Chad Gable expresses his frustration at coming so close to winning the Heritage Title. Maxxine chimes in, expressing her eagerness to confront Lash. Otis adds a bit of humor with a shimmy.

Chad Gable goes on to critique their opponents, labeling them as savages and idiots, emphasizing that they lack the strength, style, and spirit required to compete at their level. Gable concludes by issuing a challenge for a mixed six-person tag match to take place next week, and he demands a response from their prospective opponents by the same timeframe. The challenge sets the stage for an upcoming clash between these rival factions.

After a commercial break, the broadcast returns with surveillance footage of Trick Williams seemingly about to be attacked. Lexis King is shown following Trick through a door, leading Vic to claim that Lexis was responsible for the attack. Booker T urges Vic to apologize to Hayes, indicating that there might be more to the situation than initially apparent.

Next, the scene transitions to an Andre Chase press conference. Chase introduces himself as the founder of Andre Chase University and expresses gratitude towards the investigators for their professionalism. He also thanks everyone for continuing their efforts at Chase U. Chase acknowledges that they are in a historic moment in NXT and emphasizes his commitment to honesty and transparency.

Chase then reveals that there has been illegal activity at Chase University, including gambling and misappropriation of funds, and he takes full responsibility for it. He vows to work towards repaying these debts and restoring Chase University to its intended state.

When asked about the amount he owes and to whom, Chase remains tight-lipped about the specifics, stating only that the amount is substantial.

The topic of how this information came to light is brought up, and Chase hints at having some ideas but doesn’t provide further details.

Chase concludes the press conference by apologizing to the students and mentioning that he will address them at a later date, leaving many questions unanswered about the ongoing situation at Chase University.

Bron Breakker vs. Eddy Thorpe in an Iron Survivor Qualifying Match

In the ring, Eddy and Bron engage in a series of moves and counters. Eddy starts with a kick to Bron’s leg, and they lock up. Eddy gains control with a wrist lock, but Bron pushes him away. Eddy transitions into a waist lock and then a side headlock, followed by a wrist lock. Bron responds with a powerful slam, asserting his strength.

Bron maintains control with a waist lock takedown, and he executes a Gator roll. He attempts a suplex, but Eddy manages to land on his feet. Bron holds onto the ropes to thwart Eddy’s O’Connor Roll attempt. Eddy retaliates with a dropkick and then goes for a crossbody, but Bron catches him in mid-air and slams him down with a power slam.

Bron continues his offensive onslaught, delivering a running knee strike that sends Eddy off the apron and crashing to the ringside area. Bron doesn’t let up, as he proceeds to send Eddy into the ringside barrier, further inflicting damage.

Back inside the ring, Bron continues his offense, connecting with knees and delivering shoulders in the corner to Eddy. Bron positions Eddy on the turnbuckles, but Eddy fights back with punches and manages to push Bron off. Eddy attempts a crossbody, but he can’t capitalize on the move.

Eddy resorts to chops, but he struggles to execute a suplex on the resilient Bron. Instead, Bron hoists Eddy onto his shoulders and hits a double knee gut buster, securing a near fall.

Bron maintains the pressure, targeting Eddy’s injured ribs with punches and earning another near fall. Eddy fights back with forearms, and Bron responds with a double-leg takedown, followed by more punches. Bron transitions into a bow and arrow submission, keeping Eddy in a compromising position. He reverts to the bow and arrow, but Eddy manages to land punches despite the hold. Bron counters with a knee to the midsection and a suplex for another near fall.

Eddy blocks Bron’s attempt to get him on his shoulders, but Bron retaliates with a forearm to the ribs. Bron then applies a torture rack, putting immense pressure on Eddy. However, Eddy surprises Bron with a sunset flip for a near fall. Eddy rebounds with a crossbody, but Bron answers with a punch. They engage in a spirited exchange of strikes, with Eddy delivering kicks, and Bron responding with a German suplex.

Bron follows up with a hard Irish whip, and Eddy goes sternum-first into the turnbuckles. Eddy retaliates with chops and counters a bear hug from Bron with elbows and a boot to the head. Bron misses a forearm strike in the corner, allowing Eddy to launch a comeback with punches and uppercuts. Eddy executes a waist lock, hitting a German suplex and then a Saito suplex.

Eddy attempts another waist lock, but Bron manages to escape and hits a spear for the three-count.

The winner of the match is Bron Breakker.

In the locker room, Trick Williams is visibly upset, and Carmelo Hayes enters to discuss the video and how Lexis King was involved. Hayes expresses his determination to make King pay during his match tonight. Trick emphasizes his desire to confront King as well but acknowledges the importance of being strategic. He reminds Hayes of the upcoming Iron Survivor Match and how nothing will deter him from achieving victory in it. Trick maintains that King will face consequences but stresses the need to stay focused on their ultimate goal. Hayes laments the fact that he currently has no prize due to King’s actions and agrees with Trick that they should rise above attacking people.

In the women’s locker room, Perez expresses her disappointment at not being part of the Iron Survivor Match. Ava informs her about a last chance match scheduled for the following week, giving her a potential opportunity. However, tensions flare when they realize that Kiana James also has a chance, leading to a heated confrontation.

The broadcast then presents a video package highlighting Bronson Reed.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Nathan Frazer in a Non Title Match

As the bell rings, Ilja wasted no time and unleashed a running forearm. He followed it up with a barrage of kicks and punches directed at Frazer. With precision, Ilja sent Frazer crashing into the turnbuckles before delivering a resounding chop. He then executed an Irish whip, followed by a series of Kobashi-style chops. Another fierce forearm strike from Ilja kept the momentum going. Maintaining his grip on the waist lock, Ilja smoothly transitioned into a German suplex and seamlessly delivered another one. Frazer attempted to break free with elbows, but Ilja thwarted his efforts and executed yet another German suplex. Adding insult to injury, Ilja landed a forearm to the back of Frazer’s head.

Ilja attempted a power bomb, but Frazer fought back with a flurry of punches and a quick rana. Frazer continued his offensive with punches and a jumping knee strike. Just as Ilja aimed for an enzugiiri, Frazer countered with a jumping thrust kick, coming incredibly close to a victory. Frazer followed up with sharp chops and took the battle to the corner. Ilja, however, countered with an Irish whip but missed a chop attempt, allowing Frazer to capitalize with a kick and a springboard dropkick. Ilja thwarted a suplex attempt and resorted to headbutts to maintain control.

In a surprising twist, Frazer managed to land on his feet after a German suplex attempt by Ilja. Frazer avoided the Konstantin Special and pulled off a spectacular springboard moonsault into a reverse DDT, almost securing a pinfall. Ilja dodged a Phoenix splash and retaliated with a running thrust kick followed by a power bomb. Ilja then unleashed his devastating H Bomb finisher, pulling Frazer up at the count of two. Showing his dominance, Ilja delivered another H Bomb, and finally, a third one, securing the three-count.

The winner of the match was Ilja Dragunov.

Baron appeared on the ShawnTron screen and decided it was easier to address him through the screen, as it felt like talking to family. He recounted how he had viciously attacked a friend who claimed that Corbin’s life was superior to Ilja’s. Baron expressed his unwavering dedication to the championship title and how it was the only thing missing from his life. He confidently declared that he would take that title, leaving Ilja with nothing while he possessed everything. He dismissively told Ilja to go home and declared his readiness for Deadline. However, he hinted that they would meet face to face next week.

Lyra expressed her anticipation for Deadline and the Iron Survivor Match winner. She briefly discussed the participants in the match.

Fallon Henley confidently declared her intention to win next week and reiterated her determination to emerge victorious at Deadline.

Lyra acknowledged Fallon’s determination and expressed her eagerness to face her if she emerged as the winner.

Karmen Petrovic shared her perspective on martial arts, emphasizing the importance of trusting one’s instincts. She expressed her belief that Arianna Grace thought highly of herself and talked too much. Despite Arianna’s beauty queen image, Karmen saw her as a martial artist and vowed to silence her with a well-deserved defeat.

After the commercial break, MetaFour took the spotlight, with Noam discussing the challenge ahead. Lash and Oro asserted their determination to ensure that no one takes the trophy from them. Noam mentioned how Chad had given him a close fight the previous week, but he had survived, and Oro expressed confidence in Lash becoming the Iron Survivor. They eagerly looked forward to facing Alpha Academy in the upcoming week.

The segment then shifted to Joe Gacy, who questioned whether people truly cared about him or merely thought of him briefly before moving on. He spoke from beneath the ring and expressed a desire to remain beneath people’s notice. He wished luck to the wrestlers in the ring and indicated that he wanted to be beneath everyone, grappling with a newfound perspective that he wouldn’t wish upon even his worst enemy, whoever that might be.

Arianna Grace vs. Karmen Petrovic

The match begins with Grace and Karmen locking up, and Grace successfully backs Karmen into the corner. Grace, displaying a bit of arrogance, calls for a clean break and even extends her hand for Karmen to kiss. However, Karmen responds by kicking Grace’s hand away. They lock up again, and this time, Grace delivers a knee to Karmen’s midsection, followed by another attempt to have Karmen kiss her ring, which Karmen promptly slaps away. Grace then backs away, feigning fear and begging for mercy, while Karmen insists that Grace kiss her hand.

Karmen seizes the advantage with a wrist lock, transitioning it into an arm bar. She takes Grace down to the mat and nearly secures a pinfall with a rollup. Grace retaliates by backing Karmen into the corner and landing an elbow, but Karmen counters with an arm wringer, gaining another near fall. The two exchange forearms, with Grace eventually landing a kick.

In a surprising turn of events, Joe Gacy emerges from under the ring and grabs the ring bell before making a quick getaway.

After returning from a commercial break, Arianna Grace maintains control with an arm bar and chin bar. She sends Karmen to the mat and forcefully slams her head into the canvas, securing another near fall. Karmen regains her footing, landing a kick in the corner followed by a spinning heel kick. She follows it up with a knee strike and a back heel kick to Grace’s head, almost securing a pinfall. However, Grace fights back with a kick of her own.

Karmen attempts a sleeper hold, and Grace starts to go down to one knee. In a clever ploy, Grace escapes by executing a snap mare and then claims that something is in her eye. The referee keeps Karmen at bay, but Grace takes advantage of the situation by using her thumb to deliver a thumb to the eye. She follows up with the Wasteland maneuver, securing the three-count victory.

The winner of the match is Arianna Grace.

After the match, there’s a moment of confusion as the timekeeper is unsure of what to do without the ring bell, but Joe Gacy steps in and rings the bell himself.

McKenzie interviews Wes Lee and asks him about his upcoming match.

Wes Lee expresses his strong attachment to the North American Title and emphasizes that he must be the one to take it from Dom. Tonight, he faces the high-stakes challenge of competing against Bronson Reed, Cameron Grimes, and Johnny Gargano. When asked about the potential consequences of not winning, Wes acknowledges the risks but highlights the high rewards at stake in this competitive match.

Brooks Jensen (with Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley) vs. Lexis King

The match kicks off with Brooks sending King into the corner and unloading a series of punches. Brooks follows up with a rolling heel kick that sends King rolling out of the ring. Brooks then takes the action to the outside, but King fights back with a kick and a chop. They engage in a heated exchange of chops and forearms on the floor. Brooks manages to kick King away and launches himself with a cross body off the turnbuckles onto King. He quickly follows up with a suplex, nearly securing a pinfall.

King retaliates with a punch, and Brooks responds in kind. Brooks executes an Irish whip and follows up with a back elbow. King counters with chops, and Brooks fires back with a forearm, nearly securing another near fall. King strikes back with a punch and a chop of his own. He continues with more forearms, sends Brooks into the corner, and delivers a clothesline. King adds another chop and snap mare, followed by a kick to Brooks’s back for another near fall.

Brooks counters with a shoulder tackle and a running bulldog takedown. King kicks Brooks and then lands a slingshot double stomp. King follows up with a punch and sends Brooks into the turnbuckles, choking him in the corner.

As the match progresses, King delivers a knee to the midsection, a clothesline to the back of Brooks’s head for another near fall, and a series of elbows to the collarbone. He then applies a rear chin lock and executes a snap mare for yet another near fall. King proceeds with kicks to the back and a sleeper hold, but Brooks manages to run him into the turnbuckles to break free. Brooks retaliates with a belly-to-back suplex, leaving both competitors down.

Brooks regains momentum with a back elbow and clothesline, followed by a reverse atomic drop and a superkick. Brooks goes up to the top turnbuckle and connects with a missile dropkick, once again getting a near fall. King attempts to fight back with a back body drop.

In the closing moments of the match, Hayes, who was watching in the locker room on a monitor with Trick, decides to take action. Hayes gets on the apron, and Brooks tries to pull him off. Security personnel get involved, leading to a distraction. In the midst of the commotion, King capitalizes and hits his finishing move, Coronation, securing the three-count victory.

The winner of the match is Lexis King.

The show proceeds with an obligatory Iron Survivor Match rules video package to familiarize the audience with the concept.

Then, an announcement is made regarding the four competitors who lost in the prior qualifying matches. They will be participating in Fatal Four-Way matches. The matchups are revealed, featuring Otis, Chad Gable, and Maxxine Dupri facing off against MetaFour in a series of intense battles.

Wes Lee vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Bronson Reed versus Johnny Gargano in an If Wes Wins he faces Dominik Mysterio at Deadline but if he loses, he cannot challenge for the title while Dom is Champion Match

The match is in full swing with Bronson Reed making an impact early, taking down Wes Lee with a powerful body block. Johnny Gargano and Cameron Grimes attempt to counter with punches, but Reed responds with an emphatic double clothesline. Wes Lee then tries to mount an offense with forearms against Reed and even attempts a crossbody, but Reed catches him and drops him on the top rope. Reed then turns his attention to Grimes and Gargano, dispatching them as well. Grimes throws punches at Reed, but Reed retaliates with a headbutt and an Irish whip that sends Grimes over the top rope and crashing to the floor. Wes Lee also gets involved, delivering punches to Reed, but Reed halts their attack with more headbutts.

Reed executes an Irish whip, sending Gargano into the ropes for the “Michaels Flip.” Reed then sends Grimes to the floor and delivers a chop to Wes Lee. Grimes is knocked off the apron once again, and Reed takes a moment to pose. Reed continues his assault with a hard Irish whip to Wes Lee, a running hip attack to knock Grimes off the apron once more, and forearms to the back. Reed follows up with a forearm to Wes Lee on the apron, causing him to fall to the floor.

Reed goes for a delayed vertical suplex on Gargano, despite Gargano’s attempt to block it. Grimes tries to go for Reed’s leg, but Reed fends him off with a forearm. Reed finally lifts Gargano for the suplex, but Wes Lee intervenes. Gargano, Grimes, and Lee all team up to attack Reed, with Gargano delivering punches, Grimes hitting a clothesline, and Lee joining in the assault. Gargano splashes Reed, and then Lee and Grimes use Johnny’s back as a launching pad for a double dropkick to Reed. As Reed falls to the floor, Wes Lee applies a waist lock to Grimes.

Grimes, however, counters with a shoulder tackle to Gargano. Gargano and Lee then combine for a double dropkick to Grimes. Gargano and Lee share a moment of sportsmanship, shaking hands. They lock up, and Lee starts with a waist lock, but he misses an elbow. Lee also misses a thrust kick, and they both miss kicks, leading to a standoff. They punch Reed but are met with headbutts from the colossal competitor. Reed executes an Irish whip to Gargano, who performs the “Michaels Flip.” Reed then sends Grimes to the floor and chops Wes Lee. Grimes is once again knocked off the apron, and Reed poses victoriously. Reed then delivers a hard Irish whip to Wes Lee and follows it up with a running hip attack. Reed continues with forearms to the back and a forearm to Wes Lee on the apron, causing Lee to fall to the floor.

Reed appears to have the match well in hand, but as the action unfolds, Johnny Gargano and Cameron Grimes execute a slingshot spear, narrowly missing Reed. The battle intensifies with Lee and Gargano delivering punches, but Reed stands tall. Reed hoists Lee onto the turnbuckle, grabs Grimes, and even picks up Gargano. In a remarkable display of strength, Reed executes a Super Samoan Drop and Fallaway Slam combination with Lee landing on top of Reed. The pinfall attempt on Grimes, however, only results in a near fall.

As the intense Iron Survivor Match continues, Bronson Reed positions Cameron Grimes on the turnbuckles. Johnny Gargano, Grimes, and Wes Lee collaborate to execute a Cerberus Bomb on Reed. Gargano follows up with a series of forearms, and Wes Lee contributes with a kick to Grimes and a back elbow. Lee then goes for a cross body, nearly securing a pinfall. Grimes counters with a Spanish Fly on Lee, coming close to a pinfall.

Gargano strikes Grimes with an enzuigiri, and Grimes retaliates with a kick. However, he misses the Cave In, allowing Gargano to lock in La Mistica and transition into the GargaNo Escape submission hold on Grimes. Wes Lee intervenes with a flip senton to break up the hold. Bronson Reed takes control by delivering a buckle bomb to Lee and following it up with a back senton onto Gargano and Grimes.

Wes Lee manages to avoid a splash from Reed and lands a kick in the corner. Lee climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Reed impressively presses Lee and tosses him onto Grimes and Gargano. Reed then ascends to the top turnbuckle, but Ivar makes his presence known by delivering punches to Reed to disrupt his plans. Reed responds with a headbutt to Ivar and follows it up with a splash off the apron. However, Ivar counters with his signature “spin kick of doom,” only to miss a shoulder attack and crash into the ringside barrier.

Back in the ring, Wes Lee attempts an O’Connor roll on Gargano for a near fall and follows it up with a rollup on Grimes for another near fall. Gargano strikes back with a rolling kick, and Gargano and Grimes exchange superkicks. Grimes attempts the Cave In, but Wes Lee responds with the Kardiac Kick, ultimately securing the three-count victory.

The winner of the match is Wes Lee.

The show concludes with a scene in the parking lot, where Kiana and Roxanne are engaged in a heated brawl. Security rushes to the scene to try to separate them in what is deemed the “Most Dangerous Parking Lot in Sports Entertainment” as the credits roll.

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