Kimber Lee made serious allegations of abuse against Nash Carter prior to his firing last year. She received huge backlash from fans for portraying herself as a victim of abuse to ruin Carter’s career. She would eventually part ways with WWE and now it appears Lee is set for a pre-trial hearing after a DUI arrest.

Kimber Lee then announced earlier this year that she is stepping away from the world of professional wrestling for good. Unfortunately, things have not been going well for the former NXT Superstar.

According to PWInsider, Kimber Lee is set for a pre-trial hearing on October 24th in Highlands County Court. This stems from an arrest on 11th May this year in Sebring, Florida, where she was charged with DUI, Resisting an Officer with Violence and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer.

In the police report about the incident, officer P.J. Roberts noted how a gray Kis Soul facing the wrong direction and stopped in the northbound lane on 11th May. It was the said that the vehicle then drove over the lane onto the paved shoulder and “almost collided with the face of the guard rail.”


After a frantic chase, the police officer identified Kimber Lee and described her as having “blood shot watery eyes, and she slurred as she spoke. After more hassles, Roberts stated that Kimber Lee tried “several times” to leave the area.

The officer then tried to cuff her when she struck him in the chest to prevent him from doing so. He arrested her for battery and while putting on the other handcuff, she violently resisted and ended up injuring the officer. It was evident that she was heavily intoxicated. After getting arrested, a breathalyzer revealed she gave a sample of .140, when the legal limit in the State of Florida is .08.

She entered a plea of not guilty to all charges on July 7th and waived her rights to a speedy trial due to not being able to afford a lawyer.

The charges of Resisting an Officer with Violence as well as battery of a law enforcement officer are third-degree felonies and both hold a maximum jail time of 5 years each.

Kimber Lee last wrestled in October last year and while she has been active on social media following her arrest, Lee has not made any mention of the arrest whatsoever. We’ll have to see whether she will end up behind bars as there are some serious charges against her.

What do you make of this shocking story concerning Kimber Lee? Do you think she will be going to prison for a long time? Let us know in the comments!

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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