Big E has been out of action since early 2022 due to broken neck. Although he feels 100% right now, he has not been cleared to make that crucial return to WWE television. He is getting a bit of help in the process.

Staten Island native Emilio Sparks took WWE Champion Big E on a journey of self-discovery. Sparks, who attended classes at Be Yoga in Rosebank for five years, introduced Big E to Baptiste Power yoga, a physically demanding style of yoga that emphasizes breath and movement. It’s known for its transformative potential and is accessible to all levels.

Emilio Sparks and Big E both embarked on journeys of self-discovery, with Big E navigating the challenges of fame in WWE. Sparks encouraged Big E to join him in a yoga class to explore mindfulness and self-awareness. They documented their experiences in a YouTube video.

They had heartfelt conversations about life, aspirations, fears, and experiences. Their friendship, spanning over 12 years, reflects their shared journey through life’s complexities. While speaking to SI Live, Big E broke down how hot yoga is helping him out.


“For fans and members of the wrestling community, we’re all navigating our own struggles. I believe it can be truly meaningful for them to see someone they watch on TV talking openly about their mental health journey. Sharing how we find healing through community becomes increasingly important, especially as we all grow older.”

“Meditation over the past couple of years also has really changed me. Recognizing the importance of prioritizing mental health is a journey I’ve embraced. As a young man, I couldn’t always speak on certain struggles I faced. Now, I want to advocate for an understanding that sharing our mental health experiences is not only crucial but also a sign of strength.”

Big E recognized the importance of mental health and embraced meditation as a transformative practice. He now advocates for open discussions about mental health, emphasizing its significance and strength.

Together, with a lighthearted spirit, they practiced yoga, focusing on breath, mindfulness, and being present in the moment. Hopefully, all this work will pay off with Big E’s eventual in-ring return.

What’s your take on Big E’s return to the ring? Do you think it will ever happen? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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