Jade Cargill recently shared her admiration for AEW and its owner, Tony Khan, during an appearance on the Women’s Wrestling Talk show.

Cargill expressed her high regard for AEW and Tony Khan, emphasizing that she has a strong connection with the company. She described Khan as a phenomenal boss who is readily accessible, despite his numerous business ventures, including ownership of the Jacksonville Jaguars and a professional soccer team. Cargill appreciated Khan’s unwavering passion for AEW, noting that he attends every show and genuinely loves the company.

“I am, always. He’s a phenomenal boss. I can literally hit him up now and he’d probably hit me back up in three minutes. This is a man who has four companies, a professional soccer team, Jacksonville Jaguars, he’s busy, [but] he literally comes to every show. He’s so passionate, he loves our company. There’s no other place I’d want to be.”

In her conversation, Cargill highlighted that AEW and Tony Khan view their talent as more than just numbers, recognizing each wrestler as a unique individual with their own journey and purpose within the wrestling community. She emphasized her commitment to AEW and the unparalleled support she receives from Khan, making it clear that there’s no other place she’d rather be.


“He doesn’t look at me as a number, he looks at me like a human being. He knows my journey and understands my purpose in the wrestling community and what I want to achieve and I don’t think you can beat that. You can’t beat this in a very interesting sport.”

Jade Cargill’s last appearance in AEW was at the Double or Nothing 2023 event on May 28, where she lost her TBS Title to Kris Statlander in a brief match. While her return to AEW remains uncertain, Tony Khan has publicly expressed his desire for Cargill to return to the promotion.

Do you think AEW should put Jade Cargill in the AEW Women’s World Title picture when she returns to the company? Leave us a comment below.

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