Butterbean is known for knocking opponents out in the ring, but he also has his claim to fame with WWE and Jackass. At this point, the 57-year-old boxer has carved out a big place for himself in pop culture. He has also learned a lot along the way.

Butterbean, whose real name is Eric Esch, is known for his imposing size and incredible punching power. Butterbean competed in the heavyweight division and gained fame for his entertaining fights, earning him a reputation as a cult figure in combat sports. With a career spanning both boxing and MMA, he remains a beloved and memorable figure in the world of fighting.

While speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Butterbean was asked what is the most valuable thing he’s learned in his career as a boxer. The former champion was not shy about revealing that he learned how to treat people, because prior to entering the boxing world he had a much different mindset.

“How to treat people, I mean I judge people by how they treat me. I’ll admit before I got into boxing I was racist, because growing up in an all-white town in the south, and I just, I was racist, I’ll be honest with you. Once I started fighting, I got to be friends with every persuasion of which way you can go. I’ll judge people by how they treat me. Whether you’re gay, straight, I don’t care if you treat me right then that’s all that matters to me, if you’re a good person, then you’re okay in my book. That’s one thing that boxing did for me, is help me appreciate life better, I guess.”


Butterbean said that he actually learned more from losing in boxing. He said that after he lost in Madison Square Garden, it was bad, but he also learned so much. He said that fans mobbed him even after that loss. That is when he realized that people liked him for being him, and “I just appreciated it so much more.”

Buterbean also joked about his Brawl For All situation, as he said he was “punishment” for Bart Gunn knocking out Dr Death Steve Williams, who WWE really wanted to push at the time. Sadly, the Brawl For All killed that push for him.

We’ll have to see if Butterbean ever makes his way back to WWE for any reason. He might be a welcomed face, because he carries such a pleasant demeanor wherever he goes, unless he’s knocking someone out.

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