Darby Allin expressed his strong commitment to AEW and his desire to stay with the company for the long haul during a recent interview with The Jon Chuckery Show.

Allin highlighted his appreciation for the creative freedom he enjoys within AEW and the positive working relationship he shares with Tony Khan, the company’s owner.

Allin emphasized the unique and valuable opportunity AEW provides its wrestlers by allowing them creative control over their characters and storylines. He expressed gratitude for the chance to fully embody his persona without any restrictions on how he walks, talks, or behaves. This creative autonomy has allowed him to develop his character in a way that is entirely authentic to himself.

Allin praised Tony Khan for his open-mindedness and willingness to collaborate with the wrestlers, which has resulted in high-quality storytelling and engaging narratives. He underscored the rarity of having such creative freedom at a high level of professional wrestling.


“I can’t say enough good things about working with Tony Khan. It baffles me that people can take it for granted. I don’t know if people realize how fortunate we are to be wrestling at such a high level with such an open-minded owner. What you see out there is 100% Darby Allin. Nobody tells me how to walk, talk, or act. It’s 100% me. To have that free reign to collaborate with Tony and create such good storylines leading to Wembley, you can’t say enough good things.

The interview also revealed Allin’s strong loyalty to AEW. He mentioned that he doesn’t envision himself going elsewhere and is fully content with his position within the company. Allin acknowledged that he values his relationship with AEW to such an extent that he doesn’t entertain the idea of exploring other opportunities or participating in potential bidding wars. Instead, he emphasized his commitment to living and thriving within the AEW environment.

I’m super stoked about everything and my whole growth with AEW, but them letting me be me. I haven’t shied away from this, I tell Tony that I’m maybe the worst businessman in pro wrestling because there is never going to be a bidding war for Darby Allin. I love AEW so much, I’m not playing games. I’m not going to be like, ‘what if I went somewhere else?’ No, I’m just being real, Darby Allin is going to live and die in AEW.

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