AEW often finds itself under the scrutiny of critics who argue that the promotion’s roster boasts an abundance of gifted stars, yet struggles to allocate sufficient airtime to showcase them all.

A voice echoing this sentiment seems to be that of Ethan Page, who recently took to his Twitter platform to express what appears to be his mounting frustration, as his series of losses continues unabated.

Ethan Page’s arrival at AEW was initially met with expectations of a seamless fit. On one side stood an undeniably skilled and seasoned performer, poised for a significant career breakthrough; on the other side stood a burgeoning wrestling promotion fortified with substantial financial resources and a global viewership. It seemed to be a match made in heaven.

However, the narrative has deviated from its optimistic beginning for Mr. All Ego. A dark cloud has shrouded his trajectory lately, as he grapples with an ongoing streak of six consecutive losses on AEW televised events. To compound matters, an additional three defeats have been logged in house shows and discreet matches since his last victory during a May edition of Rampage.


Ethan Page hasn’t been one to conceal his exasperation, often channeling his dissatisfaction through social media outlets. Once again, he has articulated his discontent with his on-screen portrayal, this time following his most recent tag team loss alongside Brother Zay against Aussie Open during the recent Rampage episode.

I can only come up with so many creative ways to make a statement after losing a match at this point

Seems like the only thing Ethan Page can dominate in @AEW is the catering

Oh well. Till the next one I guess.

Sorry @IsiahKassidy

While Ethan Page and his supporters may ardently hope for a reversal of fortune for the 33-year-old luminary, the ultimate verdict remains nestled within the hands of Tony Khan and his inventive team.

What do you think could be the best solution for AEW to effectively balance showcasing its abundance of talented stars like Ethan Page while still maintaining engaging storylines and character development? Leave us a comment.

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