LA Knight made a significant impression after his debut at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day on February 14th, 2021. While Knight is one of the most over WWE Superstars right now, it appears he believes WWE needs to change plans in order to push him.

The former NXT Superstar has organically gotten over with fans due to his ability to connect with the audience, which is mostly because of his incredible work on the microphone.

While LA Knight continues to get strong reactions every week, WWE has yet to truly capitalize on his momentum as a lack of plans for LA Knight has certainly frustrated fans in a big way.

While speaking with Inside The Ropes, LA Knight talked about his current position in WWE and noted how WWE is a big machine and it’s not easy to change long-term plans. That said, Knight also believes that WWE needs to change plans and push him.


“Well, it’s such a big machine, you’ve got so many moving parts and so many bodies and people to factor in. Hell, if you consider just SmackDown in and of itself, you’ve got at least, and I’m probably even undershooting this, at least 40 to 50 talents to look after. Probably more than that, I’m probably just thinking of just the guys. Then you’ve got Raw and you got NXT and everything needs to coordinate.

So I can understand if you want to make some plans, kind of in advance and ahead of time. And then when something like this happens, it’s almost like ‘Do I upend everything and change everything? Is this real? Is this gonna last?’ So in a way I get the trepidation. At the same time, there is a point where and I think, maybe now we’ve reached that, where you hear and you see and you understand what’s happening and realize ‘All right, there’s got to be a change of plans.'”

We will have to wait and see how WWE will book LA Knight in the coming weeks, as fans feel he is finally on the receiving end of a push and on the cusp of greatness. Many also believe he deserves a title run, if nothing else.

What are your views on what LA Knight said? Do you expect great things from him now? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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