AEW has another issue with drama in the company, and it appears that CM Punk is in the center of things again. This could come to a boiling point soon enough if things aren’t fixed in the situation.

It was noted that CM Punk apologized for what he said about Hangman Page. It was also said that it’s unknown whether CM Punk asked for people like Ryan Nemeth and Matt Hardy to be banned from the building, because Tony Khan might have done this out of a precautionary measure. Dave Meltzer made it clear Punk did say that Christopher Daniels isn’t allowed at Collision, because Ace Steel isn’t allowed in the building, and that’s only fair in his mind. This could be a tricky situation, because Daniels is also AEW’s head of talent relations.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that he was told by two people in AEW that there is a ticking timebomb in the company. Things are likely to explode in a big way if Tony Khan doesn’t fix this CM Punk drama.

Not one, but I’ve had two people who pretty much said, in the last two days that are not names anyone would come up with in this discussion, who basically told me like, this thing is going to be a giant explosion, it’s going to be terrible for the company unless it’s nipped in the bud right now, and when it happens, you know, you can see it happening, and whatever.


It was also noted that if The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page didn’t re-sign with AEW, then they wouldn’t have this issue. The fact is that they did re-sign, so now Tony Khan has to navigate these waters as so many people seem to be mad at each other on his roster.

We will have to see what happens in his situation. There is a lot to unpack here, and it seems that keeping CM Punk happy is one of Tony Khan’s primary agendas right now. Only time will tell what CM Punk demands happen next, or what TK does to preemptively put out a fire.

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