Kevin Owens has been off television for a few weeks now, and he missed SummerSlam. He is hurt, but not medically disqualified. That being said, WWE thought it was still best to give him a breather.

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Sami Zayn also did an injury angle this week on RAW, but that was to cover up for real injury he suffered on his elbow. Only time will tell how long they both get off from WWE, but that break might not be a lengthy one. After all, they are still WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer remarked that Kevin Owens could have wrestled at SummerSlam if WWE wanted him to. That being said, they still gave him a bit of a break when the decision was made that the titles wouldn’t be defended at the biggest party of the summer.


Kevin can work, but right [he worked before with his ribs hurt] but the idea is that they decided not to book a tag title match for SummerSlam — you know if he was on SummerSlam, if they booked him for SummerSlam, he would have kept working and done SummerSlam, but when the decision was made not to put a tag team title match on SummerSlam, they decided to shoot an angle to get him off television to give him a short period of rest, but it was only supposed to be a short period of rest, and that’s why they didn’t take the belts off or anything like that.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are still WWE’s Undisputed Tag Team Champions, but they might take a little rest in the process. We will have to see how long that break is, because the company will start booking for Payback very soon.

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