It’s Monday night, and you know what that means! WWE RAW will go down tonight, and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

WWE RAW will start this week at 8:00 PM EST, as always. match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

Tonight promises another exciting night of action as we get the fallout from SummerSlam. So far, no matches have been officially announced for the show but that doesn’t mean that tonight won’t be action-packed.

WWE RAW Opener:

The opening package for the show airs. The commentators welcome the audience to the show.


Cody Rhodes’ music plays and he walks to the ring. He gets on the mic and says he wants to talk about Brock Lesnar. He says he survived Brock but could have never imagined what happened next. He says he shared his shock at this exact moment and he says his mom told him that Lesnar acknowledged him.

He says he feels on top of the world and like he can beat anybody in the world. Seth Rollins’ theme song plays and he comes out to the ring. Rollins starts by saying the last time he came out here to address the future of the World Title, Cody interrupted him and now he is returning the favor.

Rollins says if Cody feels like he can beat anyone in the world, then they should put it to the test. Judgment Day’s music plays and they come out to the ring. Damian says Cody and Seth are confused because they think they run RAW. Rhea says Judgment Day runs RAW. Priest says that Judgment Day dictates what happens with championships.

He says they already have Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio. Priest says Dominik is not done with Cody. Finn Balor attacks Rollins from behind and a brawl breaks out. Sami Zayn’s music plays and he comes out and attacks Priest and sends him out of the ring. They all take out Balor who retreats along with his stablemates. Cody says he has a solution for this and suggests a six-man tag match.

A video from earlier plays showing Ricochet complaining about his match. Pearce says he brought him here to talk about tonight. Riddle, Gable, and Ciampa enter the room. Pearce says he is thinking about a fatal four-way match where the winner will receive a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. Riddle says he is going to dedicate his win to Drew McIntyre. Gable says he is going to teach Gunther a lesson he won’t forget.

Number One Contender Fatal 4-Way for the Intercontinental Championship: Ricochet vs. Matt Riddle vs. Chad Gable vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Ricochet’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Matt Riddle’s music hit and he walks to the ring. Tommaso Ciampa’s music hit and he comes out to the ring. Chad Gable’s entrance music plays and he walks out to the ring.

The match starts and all men brawl with each other. Ricochet and Ciampa are sent out of the ring. Riddle and Gable mat wrestle for a while and Ciampa comes in and attacks them both. Ricochet with a crossbody and he follows it with a moonsault.

Riddle hit the fisherman buster on Ricochet. Cover! 1…2…Gable makes the save. He slams Riddle. Ciampa hits Gable with a reverse DDT. Ricochet kicks Ciampa in the head. Riddle and Ricochet jockey for position on the top rope. Ciampa joins in and Gable German suplexes them all to the mat.

Gable locks in an ankle lock on Ciampa. Riddle with a jumping knee to Gable. He hits an exploder suplex on Ricochet. He hits a final flash knee to Ciampa and sets him up on the top rope. Riddle hits a superplex on Ciampa. Both Ricochet and Gable dive onto Ciampa and Riddle but they roll them up. 1….2….kick out.

Gable sends Ricochet out of the ring. Riddle sends Gable out of the ring. He hits moonsault. Ciampa with the Willow’s bell on Gable. Ricochet goes for a flying clothesline but Ciampa catches him with the knee. He then hits a backbreaker. Cover! 1…2…kick out.

Riddle hit the Bro Derek on Ciampa. Cover! 1….2….Gable makes the save. Gable hits the chaos theory on Ciampa for the win.

Winner: Chad Gable

Cody and Sami are talkin backstage. Seth comes in and says he doesn’t want to be on Cody’s team. Sami tries to be the voice of reason as he reminds them they have a match tonight. He says he has been disgusted with Judgment Day who put Owens on the shelf. He says they have a chance to stand side-by-side and beat Judgment Day. Cody and Rollins say they are cool and walk away.

The Miz is walking backstage and talking on his phone when he is asked to wait because of LA Knight’s photoshoot. The Miz says he is going to talk to Adam Pearce.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Bronson Reed

Shinsuke Nakamura’s music plays and he walks to the ring. Bronson Reed’s music plays and he walks to the ring.

The match starts and Reed knocks down Nakamura. Nakamura comes back with a kick to the head. He attacks Reed in the corner. Reed rolls out of the ring. Nakamura with a baseball slide dropkick. Reed knocks down Nakamura again and hits a big elbow drop on him.

*Commercial break*

Nakamura rallies against Reed. He knocks Reed down with a flying kick. Cover! 1…..2….kick out. Reed comes back with a powerslam. Reed with a running powerbomb. Cover! 1….2….kick out. Reed climbs the top rope but is stopped.

Reed drives Nakamura to the mat. Cover! 1…2…kick out. He hits a clothesline to Nakamura. Reed goes for the tsunami and misses. Nakamura hits him with the Kinshasa. He hits another Kinshasa for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Pearce and Raquel are in the doctor’s office. The doctor says she is not ready. Candice and Indi console her.

Becky Lynch’s music plays and she walks to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Maxxine is on the phone talking to some when Ludwig Kaiser walks in. He says he wants to congratulate Gable and Gunther is waiting to wipe the ring with his body. He says he has his eyes on her for some time now and says some people are better than others. He then insults Otis but gets slapped. Otis comes in and challenges him to a match tonight which Kaiser agrees.

Becky Lynch is in the ring. She starts by saying she is so close to the end. She has been fighting for months and she is tired and she is becoming weary but she is ready to put an end to this saga next week against Trish Stratus. Zoey Stark’s music plays and she comes out.

Stark says she and Trish have already beat her. She then says Lynch is scared of her. Lynch says Stark is gifted but she is also too stupid to realize that Trish is leading her in the wrong direction since she is playing second fiddle to Trish.

Stark says she doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone. She then says Becky is jealous because Trish picked her over Becky. Shayna Baszler’s music plays and she comes down to the ring.

Shayna says she beat Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam and drove her out of WWE. She says she wasn’t invited to be out here but she thinks Stark was referencing her when she said she was the baddest. Stark threatens to send her home just like Rousey. Lynch says she can’t think of a better time for them to fight. She asks Pearce to come down and make it official. Pearce comes out and makes it official.

*Commercial break*

Jd McDonagh and Finn Balor are talking backstage. Priest walks in and says they need to talk. Balor says he can say what he wants in front of McDonagh. Priest asks what happened to Balor and why he didn’t stick to the plan. Balor says Priest changed the plan at SummerSlam. Priest says he was there to help him but Balor accuses him of costing him the title. Rhea comes in and asks them to get on the same page again.

JD McDonagh says that the briefcase is coming between them and maybe they should get rid of it and walks away. Balor also walks away.

Shayna Baszler vs. Zoey Stark

The match starts and Baszler takes down Stark. She knocks down Stark. Stark attacks the injured eye of Baszler. She then attacks her in the corner. Stark goes to work on Baszler.

Baszler comes back with a back suplex. She sends her out of the ring. She sends Stark back into the ring. Stark goes after the injured arm and hits a missile dropkick.

*Commercial break*

Baszler comes back with a clothesline and a leg drop. Cover! 1…2…kick out. Stark with a kick to the face. Cover! 1….2….kick out. Stark with a superkick but Shayna comes back with a gutwrench suplex.

Stark sends Shayna out of the ring and dives onto her. She sends Shayna into the ring. Shayna hit the world’s baddest slam for the win.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Byron interviews Nakamura who says he is tired of people getting in his way but tonight he won and from now on, he will carve his own path. JD McDonagh attacks Sami Zayn backstage.

*Commercial break*

Otis vs. Ludwig Kaiser

Alpha Academy’s music hit and Otis comes with Maxxine Dupri. Imperium’s music plays next and they come down to the ring.

The match starts and Kaiser attacks Otis in the corner. Otis comes back with a bodyslam. Otis sent into the post. Maxxine is on the apron and Kaiser is talking to her. Otis attacks him from behind and slams his face onto the turnbuckle.

He attacks Kaiser in the corner. Vinci is on the apron and Otis suplexes him into the ring. Gunther comes in and attacks Otis while the referee is distracted allowing Kaiser to pick up the win.

Winner: Ludwig Kaiser

Imperium attacks Otis until Gable comes out to make the save.

Jackie is backstage and interviews Cody and Rollins. Cody tells Rollins to take the interview and leaves. Rollins says Sami wants to go but the doctors won’t clear him to compete but they are going to wrestle. Rollins says he doesn’t trust Cody. Nakamura walks in and offers to be his partner and Rollins accepts.

The Miz’s music plays and he walks out to the ring.

*Commercial break*

The Miz asks what happened to showing people like him respect. He says he came to RAW to find LA Knight getting top priority over him. He says when he came to WWE a long time ago, he was taught respect. He says Knight didn’t introduce himself to The Miz and he didn’t shake his hand. LA Knight’s music plays and he walks out to the ring.

Knight says he thought they got a great introduction at SummerSlam but the introduces himself and offers a handshake which Miz rejects. Miz says Knight doesn’t deserve to shake his hand. He says you strip away everything from him and you get LA Knight. He says the fans love Knight now and they will love him for the next five months. He says Knight is an attitude-era fanboy playing cosplay in his ring.

Knight says he doesn’t have a problem with The Miz but he doesn’t want it to get personal. Miz says he has taken his career personal. He then list his accomplishments for 20 years. Knight says he has been making himself a dangerous man for 20 years. He says he looked on as WWE bet on all the wrong guys like Miz. He says Miz got that 20 year head start because he is safe. He says WWE knew Miz would take anything the company gave him.

Knight says he is not to be messed with and still Miz became a multi-time champion but his career is in the toilet now. Knight says he doesn’t mind making him a stepping stone. Miz says he is the main event and Knight is not on his level. Knight says he is looking Miz dead in his eyes and asks him to prove him wrong. The Miz takes off his coat. Miz attacks Knight from behind. He goes for the skull crushing finale but Knight reverses it into the blunt force trauma.

The Viking Raiders’ promo plays where they offer an open challenge to anyone.

The Viking Raiders’ music plays and they come out to the ring.

*Commercial break*

Viking Raiders vs. The New Day

The New Day’s music plays and they walk to the ring.

The match starts with Xavier Woods and Erik. He attacks Erik in the corner. Kofi tags in and hits a splash. Cover! 1…kick out. Woods tags in and attacks Erik. Valhalla distracts Woods and Erik knocks him down. Ivar kicks Kofi. He hits a splash on Woods. Cover! 1…..2…kick out.

Erik tags in and attacks Woods. Ivar tags in and continues to attack Woods. Erik tags in and goes to work on Woods. Woods comes back with a tornado DDT. Both men tag out. Kofi dropkicks Ivar and knocks him down. He hits a crossbody on Ivar. He hits a boom drop on Ivar.

Kofi with the SOS. Cover! 1….2….kick out. Erik tags in and attacks Kofi. He tags out but Kofi fights back with tags out. Woods hits the Trouble in Paradise while Woods his the diving elbow for the win.

Winner: The New Day

Byron interviews Becky Lynch but she is interrupted by Shayna who says she doesn’t need her help. She also says she has a lot of scores to settle and she will come looking for her next. Lynch says she isn’t hard to find.

*Commercial break*

The New Day are backstage and Jackie interviews them. They say they feel good to be back. Kofi says they are the Gods of the tag team division. Woods says they will inject some positivity back into the division by becoming the tag champions.

Judgment Day vs. Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, & Shinsuke Nakamura

Judgment Day’s music plays and they walk to the ring. Raquel attacks Rhea during her entrance. The referees come out and separate them. Both women continue to brawl. Rhea attacks both Indi and Candice. Candice also attacks Rhea and the referees separate them.

*Commercial break*

Cody Rhodes’ music plays and he walks to the ring. Shinsuke Nakamura’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Seth Rollins’ theme song plays and he comes out to the ring.

The match starts with Nakamura and Balor. Priest tags in. Dominik tags himself in. Nakamura with a flurry of strikes and a knee drop. Priest pulls Dominik out of the ring.

*Commercial break*

Priest goes to work on Nakamura. Balor tags in and they frequently tag each other and take turns attacking Nakamura. Nakamura with an enzuigiri. He tags out and Rollins attacks Priest with a sling blade. Rollins hits the falcon arrow on Priest. Rollins hits a suicide dive on Priest and sends him into the ring. He hits a suicide dive onto Balor. Priest stops Rollins and slams him. He sends Rollins outside the ring. Balor tags in and hits a shotgun dropkick on the outside.

*Commercial break*

Rollins hits Dominik with a clothesline. Rhodes tags in and attacks Balor and Priest. He hits Balor with a powerslam. He goes for the Cody cutter but Balor reverses into a reverse DDT. Cover! 1….2…kick out.

Cody hits the Cody cutter. Cover! 1…2….Dominik makes the save. Balor sends Rollins outside. Priest hits Cody with a briefcase from behind. Sami attacks Priest and sends him over the announcer’s table. Rollins superkicks Balor and Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Shinsuke Nakamura

Shinsuke Nakamura hits Rollins with the Kinshasa while they were celebrating in the ring.

This ends our live coverage of RAW!

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