Big E is a former WWE Champion, and he has millions of fans all around the world. Sadly, the New Day member is not competing in the ring right now, because he suffered a neck injury a year ago. In the meantime, he is certainly remembered for a variety of reasons.

Booker T is a five-time World Champion, and he also has two WWE Hall of Fame rings to his credit. Big E isn’t in the Hall of Fame yet, but Vince McMahon promised the New Day an induction someday.

During his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T spoke about how LA Knight us using his “YEAH” catchphrase like Steve Austin’s “WHAT” back in the day. Then Booker T mentioned how he uses “sucka” in his own act before taking a turn to focus on Big E.

I’m still around using sucka, which Big E tried to steal it, and I really didn’t appreciate that. I really didn’t appreciate Big E trying to steal my catchphrase, while I’m still alive, I’m still in the company, I’m still using it. I still have to wonder what the Hell was he thinking?


You know, because if you wanna step on someone’s toes, you can do it real quick — look at Slaughter. I could be like Sgt Slaughter, man. I could be really upset. I could stop watching the show.

He’s a sucka man, because the thing is that I’m original. I know who to steal it from so they ain’t gonna be complaining about it, I’ll just say that.

The New Day returned this week on RAW as Kofi Kingston made his comeback from injury. That was a big moment for them, but Big E was not along for this portion of the ride either. Hopefully, he can someday return to the ring, but the company obviously wants to be incredibly careful with his neck.

Big E has not spoken on what Booker T had to say. Perhaps this is something they could settle privately, because it seems that Booker really meant what he said. You can check out the clip below, where Booker starts speaking on this at around the 44-minute mark.

What’s your take on Big E jacking anything in his move set or personality? Do you miss seeing him in the ring? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you’re thinking!

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