Kairi Sane left WWE when the pandemic started, and she had quite a run in Japan. Now, it appears that the Pirate Princess is making her way back to WWE, but it might be a little bit of a wait first.

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Kairi Sane’s WWE return is an exciting idea for many fans, especially since Nia Jax is not around anymore to rag doll her. That being said, she still has a few commitments to take care of in Japan first.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke about Kairi Sane’s return to WWE. He stated that since Kairi has a few dates to take care of before she can come to WWE, her return won’t be until November at the latest. That being said, her STARDOM exit had a lot to do with NJPW’s plans not panning out.


Yeah, maybe November. She’s got two more dates in Japan I think that she’s scheduled for, and she’s coming back.

As far as that goes, there is something to that, because she left because she wanted to return to Japan. When her contract was up she started working at STARDOM, and she was gonna be the big international star and NJPW was gonna use her to go to the United States and things like that, but what ended up happening is they signed Mercedes, who ended up getting hurt, they signed Mercedes Mone, who ended up taking that spot.

For Kairi, obviously, when Bushiroad took over and bought STARDOM there was a lot of hope about the idea that talent was gonna get paid more. They were gonna get IYO Shiari back, which they almost did, and Kairi, and that was kinda the idea. What happened was that the Bushiroad wrestling side hasn’t been nearly as profitable as they wanted to be. So, they’ve gone from a mentality of spending a lot to keeping costs where they were. It ended up with, that’s part of a lot of what’s going on there.

It was noted that Kairi Sane was going to work “certain shows” for NJPW, but that didn’t pan out because they couldn’t afford it. Now, she is going to take a trip back to WWE. Only time will tell how things turns out this time around, but she will be under Triple H’s booking this time.

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