Nia Jax Injuring Kairi Sane Messed Up Big WWE SummerSlam Plans

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Kairi Sane hasn’t been on WWE television since Nia Jax split her head open on the steel ring steps. Now she is making plans to return to Japan.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Kairi Sane is returning to Japan with her new husband. They were married recently, and this move from WWE was reportedly in the works “for a while now.”

It was also stated that Nia Jax tossing Kairi Sane into the ring steps was not the original plan to write Kairi Sane off television. In fact, Sane’s exit was supposed to set up another challenger for Asuka at SummerSlam.

Sane, 31, is returning to Japan to be with her husband. This has been in the works for a while and the company has known about it since May if not earlier. Sane was injured by Jax legit by being thrown into the ring steps hard when she was too close to the steps to control her bump on a Raw match taped on 5/26, […] But the decision at the time was to not harp on the injury on television nor talk about it at all publicly which is why they never played it up and her name hasn’t been talked about.

It is reported that the idea was to initially stage a “career-ending injury angle” with someone later on as the time approached for Kairi Sane to leave WWE. This would have set up Asuka versus whoever it was who “injured” Sane.. This plan has now likely been changed.

It wasn’t confirmed who was supposed to injure Kairi Sane, but “the only thing we know is the person who ended her career was not scheduled to be Jax.”

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