Kenny Omega, Adam Page, and the Young Bucks ended up signing with AEW, but that almost wasn’t the case. They made a pact to go wherever they went together, and that decision swayed a few times.

Tony Khan actually locked The Elite down with new contracts weeks ago, but the announcement was held off to let everyone know for Dynamite’s 200th’ episode. That being said, it was quite an piece of news to break, just as WWE’s 2nd quarter financial call was starting.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that all four members of The Elite already agreed that they would go to the same place. Tony Khan got them to agree to stay far sooner than they needed to, so it was definitely worth the money to pop early on that revelation.

That being said, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Adam “Hangman” Page almost decided to leave AEW a couple of times, but then “views” changed on the situation.


“The four guys had made a pact that they were going to stick together. Whether it would be in WWE or AEW. They basically had made an agreement that it was gonna be majority rules.

“It had gone back-and-forth, but essentially, whatever it was, three of the four or four of the four, made the deal. But they all had agreed that they were gonna go together as a group, either to WWE, or stay as a group, so it was not gonna be a split up.”

“Views changed. People think that it was like ‘They were never going to go (to WWE)’ or anything like that – there were discussions, there were votes to change, there were things that happened, since this pact was made, and I think this pact was made some time back, but they are gonna be in (AEW).”

AEW lost Cody Rhodes to WWE, and Tony Khan obviously didn’t want more headlines about his competition taking more EVPs from him. That being said, Tony Khan also proved that he is not afraid to offer big-money contracts right now, because although the amount of The Elite’s contracts hasn’t been revealed, TK paid The Elite a ton to stay.

The exact length of The Elite’s new AEW deals was not revealed either. Meltzer went on to say that the rumor is that The Elite inked four-year deals with AEW. That being said, the length of their new deals is a secret, and that was also part of the new contract.

What’s your take on The Elite staying in AEW? Did they make the right move? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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