The Elite had plenty of choices about their future in the pro wrestling world, but they are sticking around AEW. WWE was obviously an option, but Tony Khan was very proud to confirm hat he has secured Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Adam “Hangman” Page to new deals, and they will stay Elite for years to come. There is a reason for that decision.

AEW secured the signatures of three EVPs and another top star, namely The Elite members, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Hangman Page. There was a lot of money going around, and AEW was able to make things right to keep The Elite around.

The announcement about their multi-year deals with the company came to light on Wednesday morning. Moreover, it was confirmed that Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks would maintain their positions as Executive Vice Presidents within AEW. Hangman Page will not be an EVP, but he’s probably content as a top star.

These contracts were set to expire by the end of the current year and had drawn interest from WWE. The Sports Illustrated article featured statements from all four stars, shedding light on the thought process behind their decision.


Kenny Omega stated he feels he can work in all sorts of styles in AEW while also giving somewhere else for people to work and provide for their families. The Cleaner also noted that he was careful to weigh out his options and be open-minded to all possibilities.

“Up to this point, I’ve made the choice to sacrifice everything in the name of pro wrestling. I can’t say that family or my kids influenced the decision to stay with AEW–I’m not married and without kids–but what I can say is that I’m incredibly proud of my match catalog and the wonderful people I’ve met and continue to meet. AEW not only allows me to continue doing what I do at a high level, but allows the freedom to pursue some other passions I have in life–which, after nearly 25 years in the ring, have become more and more important to me.”

Nick Jackson mentioned AEW’s schedule and how it helped with his decision. After all, WWE requires their Superstars to be away from their families on the road for very long stretches of time, as they make trips all over the map.

“If we’re going to be honest the schedule was a huge part of it,” he said. “I have a wife and three young children and seeing them as much as possible was a big factor. I’m not going to lie, the money was a huge factor, too.” At this point of my life and career, I just couldn’t see myself being on the road half of the year or even more than that. I have so much respect for the guys and girls that are able to do that year after year. We for sure could’ve made memories in WWE, but what’s more important to me is making memories with my family. With the position we’re in, I’ll be able to do that and still make memories in AEW.”

Hangman Page also brought up how important AEW’s schedule was for him. He is a father and starting a family, so he doesn’t like being away from home as much. Those long WWE voyages didn’t seem appealing to him.

“AEW emerging as a legitimate wrestling company has helped drive up bargaining power for wrestlers and others who work in the industry. Making a long-term commitment to a still-growing AEW I felt was the best way I could help continue that progress.”

WWE offers their Superstars a lot of opportunities, and a ton of money can come with that. The Elite decided to stick around AEW even longer, and there were many factors that played into their decision.

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