Drew McIntyre, one-third of the former 3MB group, has claimed that he is probably the only member with any musical talent among them.

The supergroup, consisting of McIntyre, Jinder Mahal, and Heath Slater, was known for their entertaining segments and air guitar performances, but their true musical abilities were often questioned.

During a recent appearance on the Under The Ring Podcast, McIntyre revealed that he had taken guitar lessons from a young age and can still play a song and read music if he works on it. However, he admitted that he, Mahal, and Slater do not possess great singing voices, with Heath being the most daring to sing but not with the most melodic tones.

“Probably me I guess, because I took guitar lessons from age ten to at least twelve. So I’m capable of playing a song and reading [it] if I worked on it. If you don’t use it, you lose it, but I can pick up a guitar and find it pretty quickly. Heath and Jinder cannot play an instrument as far as I’m aware, and none of us have great voices. Heath is not scared to sing, but it sounds like… I don’t even know what it sounds like, banshees is probably too much of a compliment/”


Despite their lack of musical prowess, Drew McIntyre did showcase his singing ability at the end of the WWE Clash of the Castle event in 2022 when he sang songs with Tyson Fury.

While the former 3MB members may not be musicians in the traditional sense, they certainly provided entertaining moments during their time together in WWE.

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