WWE will hold the next NXT Great American Bash on Sunday, July 30th, 2023 at the H-E-B Center at Cedar Park in Cedar Park, Texas. The card already had a few big matches, but the card wasn’t finished, as they added even more action this week on NXT. The event will started with title change, and they were just getting started.

Gable Steveson was already a huge name before he signed with WWE. The Olympic Gold medalist should have made his main roster debut a long time ago, but things kept him from following up on him getting drafted to RAW.

Gable Steveson showed up in NXT several weeks ago, as he helped Eddy Thorpe train for a RAW Underground match against Steveson’s own broker, Damon Kemp. This week on NXT, Gable Steveson put all the speculation to rest about what his next move is.

Baron Corbin stepped up to Gable Steveson during NXT last week, and that set up a match. The two threw down at the Great American Bash in a match that let Gable Steveson sink his teeth into in-ring competition with a veteran performer.


Baron Corbin actually put a lot of punishment on Gable Steveson during the match. It was not a clinic of suplexes the entire time like many thought it would be. The match was also longer than most expected it would be.

In the end, Baron Corbin and Gable Steveson battled until things spilled outside the ring. The referee called for a double count-out, and fans in Texas chanted, “bullsh*t.” Then Gable Steveson continued his brawl with Baron Corbin as security tried their best to separate them.

Gable Steveson actually still has a huge decision to make in his own career. He could still go for another Olympic Gold Medal, but that might be up to WWE as well. After all, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that, “The World Championships is in September, and Gable Steveson doesn’t even know if he’s going. WWE doesn’t know if he’s going, and I know this because people have talked to him and it’s up in the air.”

We will have to see how Gable Steveson’s journey in WWE continues from this point on. Obviously, he is only getting started, and the Great American Bash was quite a way to begin things.

Felix Upton

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