You never know what can happen in pro wrestling, or who will be around from week to week at this point. Wardlow lost the TNT Title, and he disappeared again, but his absence might be easily explained.

Wardlow has a huge upside to him, and he is a 3-time TNT Champion. Tony Khan hasn’t booked him on television in a while, but now we might know a big issue that Wardlow has been going through concerning making AEW events.

Sean Sapp noted during a Q&A behind Fightful’s paywall that Wardlow might have experienced some travel issues. He lost his passport due to a car break-in situation, and that might have caused some serious issues.

“I was told that there was an issue with somebody recently that couldn’t get into Canada because of a passport thing, but I wasn’t told who.


“I do know that he (Wardlow) had his taken out of his car when it got broken into.”

Wardlow had his car broken into, and the TNT Title along with his gear was stolen at the time. It seems that his passport was a part of that as well.

It should also be noted that people do not need visas in order to travel to Canada as pro wrestlers. They are considered entertainment, and just like the Russian circus, they do not need to be individually documented with work visas in order to make that happen. Still, a passport might be useful to make the trip.

We can only hope that Wardlow can fix his travel issues and get back to work very soon. It seems that he has more gas in the tank, but that might take another little wait for anything to happen with him

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Felix Upton

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