The pro wrestling world is full of diverse talent, from all over the globe. Grayson Waller found his way to the United States from Australia, living his dream as a WWE Superstar. He wasn’t the first Aussie who made that journey, and he isn’t afraid to give credit where it is due.

Grayson Waller acknowledges the influential role played by Australian wrestling stars such as Buddy Mathews, Rhea Ripley, and others in dominating the wrestling industry.

Following this year’s WWE Draft, Grayson Waller’s career has soared to new heights, making him one of the biggest success stories. His spot on SmackDown, where he hosts the talk show The Grayson Waller Effect, has garnered attention. Recently, he even had the honor of participating in a singles match against Edge, headlining the main event at Madison Square Garden.

In a recent episode of the Out of Character podcast, Waller expressed his gratitude to trailblazing stars like Emma, the IIconics, Rhea, and Buddy for paving the way and creating opportunities for aspiring talents like himself. He emphasized that numerous talented Australian wrestlers are now receiving well-deserved recognition, making their mark in the wrestling world. Waller’s journey is a testament to the collective efforts of these Australian stars, whose impact continues to resonate in the industry.


“I’ve gotta say, you know, there are a few people who’ve kicked down some of the doors that were put up for us. Obviously, Emma, the IIconics, Rhea Ripley, all those girls coming here and doing so much. Buddy Murphy as well. They were the first ones to show the talent that Australia has. I think Australia has had the best wrestlers in the world for a long time, it’s just that no one got to see them. Now you look at the entire wrestling industry and all of a sudden, we’re taking over, all over the place.” 

Grayson Waller does not have a spot on SummerSlam yet, but that’s not to say he will be absent from the biggest party of the summer. At this point, he is a featured player for WWE, and he has trailblazers from the past like Buddy Matthews, and others, to thank for that.

WWE has a lot of rising stars, and they have put a ton of stock into Grayson Waller. He entered into WWE as a bona fide star already, commanding the spotlight in his segments. The former reality television star was obviously ready, which is why so many have compared him to The Miz.

Grayson Waller is just getting started in WWE, but can you picture him as World Champion? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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