Jushin Thunder Liger is a WWE Hall of Famer, but he never worked for the company in an official capacity. After finding amazing success all around the world, the legend stepped foot in NXT for one very special match against Tyler Breeze.

Tyler Breeze was once looked at with a ton of hope that he would be a huge name on the WWE main roster. He toiled away in NXT for a long time, and might have lost a bit of momentum in the process. One thing that they did to help Prince Pretty maintain his steam was set him up for a match nobody would soon forget.

While speaking to A2D Radio, Tyler Breeze revealed that it was Finn Balor who set up that match. At the time, Tyler Breeze had faced everyone he could at that point. All it took was a phone call from Finn Balor to make the mach happen.

“At that point, I probably worked almost everybody multiple times and … we’re just waiting for the perfect time to debut [on the main roster]. I still want to be on Takeovers and I remember it was Finn who told me, ‘You’re working Liger.’ Who’s Liger? Like not, surely not Jushin Thunder Liger. He doesn’t even work here. And he goes, ‘He trained me and they asked me to reach out and see if he’d be interested in working with you.’ It didn’t feel real until it was real.”


Jushin Thunder Liger has recently appeared for AEW, in an appearance with the Owen Hart Tournament trophy with Ricky Starks that many saw as disrespectful and a waste of Liger’s time to make the trip to Calgary.

Only time will tell if Jushin Thunder Liger ever wrestles again. He made it pretty clear that his time in the ring is over after a retirement tour, but you can never say never in pro wrestling. If anything, he certainly have Tyler Breeze a match he will never forget.

What’s your take on Jushin Thunder Liger’s WWE NXT match? Should he have wrestled someone other than Tyler Breeze? Sound off in the comments to let us know what you think!

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